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Sunday, September 18, 2011

This Is How I Pray

     A week absence is like unforgivable. My neglect is punishable. Ohh! I only got 24/7 to be a superman and do all things that needs to be done, things that inspires me and wished to be scribbled.

     I hope I'll find the luxury of time to capture & write all ideas, inspirational insights, and motivational situation that I see & comes in my mind. My neuron is rushing like a sprinter racing to tipped-off in the finish line and be victorious. But poor me, I only have one thalamus, 10 fingers, an able body and two feet to do all of these. But I am still highly thankful to GOD for providing me with these sets of physical support system for if one of them be rendered handicapped things will change......for sure.

  This post is devoted for my prayer of thanks, forgiveness, intentions/petitions and concerns that I want to lift up to the Lord.

Thank you....

     -for the gift of life. Having one reduced me to appreciate all the wonders you've created
     -for the opportunity to wake up everyday, to smile to the world and to people
     -for the challenges I encounter each day. Challenges that provide me learning lessons.
     -for the camaraderie I enjoy in SFC (Singles For Christ), they inspire me, they guide me, they draw strength from me as I from them, they share blessings, we meet weekly to do that and I am forever thankful.
     -for the mantle of protection that as always you shielded me.
     -for having an imperfect yet supportive family
     -for peace of mind
     -for letting me part of my GG's life who has taught me important values to learn in life.

Forgive me.....

     -for my shortcomings, my stubbornness and my guilty pleasures sometimes.
     -for using my senses indulging to unholy thoughts, actions, and rants.
     -for being so lazy sometimes to pray.
     -for losing my sense of control over difficult situation and things.
     -for all of my past mistakes
     -for being unfaithful to you at times.

I Pray.....

     -for continuous guidance in me in every step I take and in every decision I make.
     -for protection to my family and friends
     -for the young, hopeless, and abandoned kids.
     -for our government and church leaders.
     -for people in our community.
     -for harmonious relationship with my love ones.
     -for peace to prevail on Earth.

As they say, pray like an innocent child, converse to God every minuscule of things in you. As I end, I leave with this question, "How Do you Pray?" 


  1. I pray every night but i admit that it is the usual praying style i do since i was still on my younger years (High School). No growth in praying and it is like routinary in a sense that same words i am reciting during my prayer. And i am sorry for that. I feel that there is no more sincerity in my prayer. Thank Tito Jay for sharing this prayer. I have more things to learn and things to change in the way i pray. God bless!

    -Tito Don

  2. In HH meetings, I pray for others, saying amen when others say what I want to pray to the Lord.
    Regularly, I wink to the Lord.
    In troubled times, I cry to the Lord
    In happy times, I smile.
    In all those times, I don't say anything. I just think of the Lord's or Jesus's or mama Mary's face and feel inside my heart that I am winking, crying and smiling in front of them... That's how I pray. Coz from the start I know, He knows everything I need, He reads my mind, He feels my heart every minute of the day coz I do the same anytime at any day I ALWAYS THANK HIM FOR EVERYTHING HE PROVIDED, in anything I acknowledge Him. - Tta Vangie


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