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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Missing Months – March to August 2011 - Hiatus Ended


     Wow! Time really flies fast. I never realized that I missed the full six-months without even a single entry in my blog. My bad really—really negligent. Well, I had several would-be-entries though, but I wasn’t able to post it and I find no interest in posting it now. The timing is off now.

     Well, blame it to the full & tight schedules and all the other activities I had plus the hustle & bustle of my big day preparations. 

     I have nothing special to talk about now. I don’t know but my neuron isn’t working well plus I’d say ideas don’t cooperate right now. Is it a brain drain? Am I suffering to it na ba? Or is it that my head is just too clogged with lots of things and thoughts.  And mixes of different thoughts doesn’t give me the fuel to be more driven. I don’t know, I don’t know really……I cant concentrate much!!!

     Sometimes I find myself on a long constant stare at something. A stare that if directed to a person would let them suspect that I’m after them. Whoaah! It’s crazy freakin’ not-so-good.

     Hey, Jay, wake up, are you in deep sleep, why can’t you express the way you used to before. What’s happening man? Are you sane? Or insane now? Hahaha… Insane because ideas run out from you and chasing ‘em is like chasing a distant moon that’ll take years to reach.

     Anyway, no matter how senseless I talk right now, just remember guys, that it’s not the normal me. The normal me is a dreamer and more fitting to say “is a day-dreamer.”

     The important thing about it is I was able to break the curse- the spell of inactivity, the mantra that rendered my blogsite inactive for half a year.

     Now, I am regaining what I've lost &missed, I’m starting to boil again and burst into a catastrophic of ideas.

     Six months hiatus is long enough to end the state of dormancy. Let get back on track again and I hope you guys will still find time to read my posts.

     Godbless you all!


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