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Friday, February 8, 2013

Old Stuff, Old Memories

Earlier, I was busy sorting out my old stuff I left in my sister’s house in Cavite – of course, that includes many of my books. 

Upon seeing them neatly tucked inside the cabinet, lots of memories had flashed back.

Each book I saw hold its own story.  I had to sort them out since I am planning to donate some of my pre-loved items to our PBO's Bazaar For A Cause slated on February 14, 2013. The same day where hearts will be the blooming attraction of that particular day.

I can't help but reminisce each distinct stories when I had these books for the first time. So, right now I decided to tell you how each one of 'em had been acquired and the stories behind it.

Let's start the roll call. 

First stop is the book "Free The Children" - I bought this very special book at a meager amount of PhP 60 at BOOKSALE in SM Southmall in the summer of 2004. And here's what I had written when I got this book.

"When I took the chance  to pick up this red book entitled "Free The Children" at BOOKSALE INC. I was amazed by the fact that the main author is only a twelve-year old kid. I scanned the pages and read some parts of it for a while. I realized that it is captivating. So, I immediately hand it over to the cashier for payment for a meager amount of sixty pesos.

No single doubt runs in my mind. I thought it is something very good, but I found out that it is not very good but absolutely great and out-of-ordinary kind of story.

The story is a clear example of how great a child can do and be a contributing factor to a society where he thrives. His desiring heart fueled him to be a driving force to awaken the mind of the dignitaries of his own country "CANADA" and the world to take positive action on a serious matter involving children's plight from suffering to freedom from bondage of child labor.

His eyewitness account on the cases of child labor in South Asia and  all other parts of the world has grown to create a tremendous favorable action on a global scale and made known to the world his newly formed organization "Free The Children".

Spellbinding and intense story based on true events. A must read!"

Ang tagal ko na palang nabili ang pinakamamahal kong librong 'to. Almost ten years na pala sa aking pangangalaga. Well, look at how it appears when I took it out from the cabinet. Such is the picture of being worn-out. And for that reason, I won't be donating it as pre-loved stuff..hahaha! mahal ko 'to eh!

Craig Kielburger - the author - is one of the earliest humanitarian and social activist that woke my interest up to get involve in social work. He is one of my life's idols together with his brother Marc.

Next in line is the classic book of Anne Frank - The Diary Of A Young Girl. Who haven't read it? I bet, many of us have encountered her story during our school saga. If you happen to not read this one, you can run into your nearest book store and avail for one.

This book was a gift to me by one of my earliest employers when I was just starting out in the corporate world. He gave it to me when he found out that I am a book lover. Generous lang ang employer ko. Siguro dahil he supports people who reads.

I was drawn in with Anne's story that I read it more than five times - to the point that I'm fond of saying "Dear Kitty" she addressed herself in her diary.

How about the moving story authored by Khaled Hosseini? Presenting "The Kite Runner".

Who haven't heard of Khaled Hosseini's "The Kite Runner" - this emotionally drenching book put me into tears when I watched it in the big screen. It's a story of a father and son, of friendship and betrayal and the casualties of fate. Such a moving story set in Afghanistan.

If you're not a Paulo Coehlo's fan, you better starts now. Below is my collection from him. 

I bought this set in KSA last 2008 sold at a discounted price. I feel in love with his work when I read his best seller "THE ALCHEMIST". From then on I became a fan and started collecting his book. See for yourselves how I love his literary works. Luckily, I'm donating one from this set. Hulaan nyo kung alin sa mga ito..hehehe!

How about this one above? 

I had this book way back 2010. Do I need to tell its synopsis or you'll be the one discovering it. Perhaps you must because there is a movie version of this book too. A story of how Nelson Mandela changed South Africa into a non-racial democracy by ending its long standing apartheid system. 

There were plenty of books inside the cabinet but I chose not to put them all here because it'll be too lengthy if I'll be doing that.

I'm not quite sure if this entry is interesting. Anyhow, hope you can gain something out of it.

By the way, please support our fund raising drive by clicking this link: PBO's Bazaar For A Cause 

You can help us through your donations either by sending us your pre-loved stuff or by donating cash for the benefit of the foundation and/or social organization we're targeting for our next outreach program on March 2013. 

Feel free to share your time, talent, and treasure.


  1. Sana 'yung isang set na ng Paulo Cuehlo books... hehehe... Love mo talga ang pagbabasa kaya ang lalim ng wisdom mo noh?

  2. Nice post! lol

    1. a book by a 12 yr old with a good review from nose-bleed-jay? oh wow!
    2. The Diary of Anne Frank - the reason why I have a journal when I was young :) I addressed mine as "Dear Someone" :)
    3. Coehlo fan here! my copies were lent and they were never returned :(
    4. Invictus - I say read the book! The movie can come anytime :P

    ok u won! I had a qwerty nosedive. :(

  3. Hi, how much will you put for FREE THE CHILDREN? Can I bid for it na? Hehehe. It really seems interesting and and inspiring. I actually don't like stories of abuse and despair, yet if there is a good ending that could inspire others, I might as well take time to read it.

  4. Isa sa mga bagay na sinusubukan ko ngayon ay ang mahook sa mga books. Aminado kasi ako na medyo tamad ako magbasa ng books ehehe. See you po again sa 15 and sa bazzar :)

  5. It's interesting enough for me. When I saw the Coelho books I quickly went to your blog.

    I love books. I live on it. They're my ultimate addiction. And I can't believe that you're giving away some of your books. It really break my heart. I know I sound greedy, but I never really said that I'm a saint and I never claimed to be a generous person.

    Especially when it comes to books. I look at them with so much lust and greed, that I'm not even willing to share them with others. Pero yung mga hindi interesting sakin pinapahiram ko pa rin. But I never give away books that are mine. I really sound greedy, tapos gusto ko pa maging part ng PBO. I'm such a hypocrite! hahaha!

    This is the first time I’ve heard about Craig Kielburger and his book. Sounds interesting. I’ll try to check it out in

    I always here about Anne Frank’s diary. It’s like a must-read here, because Italy had a very particular role in shaping the fate of the Jews during WWII. I’ve never read it though. And to be honest, I’m not even interested. Sabi nga nila no, hindi tayo magkaroon ng interes sa mga aklat sa paaralan dahil pilit nitong ipasok sa isipan mo ang mga ito. And we don’t usually like it when certain things are imposed upon us.

    I’ve read also some books by Paulo Coelho. I love The Fifth Mountain, Veronika Decides to Die, and The Devil and Miss Prym. Some were ok but I find the others kind of… lame. Some were too esoteric for me.

  6. gusto ko ring mabasa yung unang book, ibang klase siguro yung story lalo na 12 y/o yung author nung sinulat nya yun.

  7. book lover ka talaga pareng jay nu
    at ang sinop mo sa gamit hahaha linis pa ee
    parang bago pa

    nagulat naman ako sa age nung author , daig pa ko ee hahah
    mukang magaganda yan jay ahh

    di ko pa napanuod un invictus di ko pa nakita pati trialer search ko na lng yan tom.

    anyway see you tomorrow jay

  8. "Free the Children" to think na 12 y/o ang nagsulat nyan, grabe. Parang gusto ko din mabasa. :D

    See you later dad! ;)

  9. wow! i havent read anyone of those..galing naman nung 12 years old na yun.. can I have The Diary of A young Girl? hehe or I will buy it on PBO's bazaar please?

  10. I love Kite Runner! I also have a copy of Anne Frank. :)

  11. ang hilig mo mangulekta ng books ;-)

  12. nadagdagan na naman ang mga "list of books to read"

    pero nainggit tlga ako dun sa set of books ni paolo coelho .hahaha

    naintriga din ako dun sa "The diary of a young girl"

  13. I love reading books as well. Random stuff binabasa ko pero pinaka love ko is Tom Sawyer na dumugo dugo ilong ko Dad. tas yung The Help na may movie na din..

  14. Mahilig din akong magbasa ibang genre nga lang. Haha anyway..nakakatuwa naman kasi willing kang pakawalan ang ilan sa fave books mo para sa PBO. :-D

  15. Had I known there would be a bazaar for the PBO, I wouldn't have given away my books and donated it instead.

    I also love Coelho although I've only read three of his books. The Alchemist has got to be one of the best literary pieces there is.

    I am quite curious about the Diary of a young girl, I'd get myself a copy one of these days.

  16. The Kite Runner, have you seen the movie!? It was definitely awesome. I'll try checking the book and see which is better.

  17. Galing naman ng mga collections mo daddy jay...i use to collect books but I jst stopped reading due to some reasons...:) I wish I can go back reading...the books above looks really interesting...gusto ko ung The Kite Runner...:)



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