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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

BLOGGERS’ MEET-UP: About Meeting Place, Of Food, Of Fun, and Of Awesome Bonding - PART 1

Pao, Me, the famed blogger 'Bino' of Damuhan, and Mecoy
If you pursue blogging, one must (in my opinion) be ready to the idea of meet-ups with fellow bloggers. It's hard to exist as a blogger if you're not open to such things. 

Well, for anonymous bloggers it may  sounds threatening to them. For anonymous ones, it's like unmasking their anonymity and so I presume that they aren't really into "meet-ups" which is clearly logical. 

Meeting up strangers that only exists in the online world somehow gives us qualms and misgivings right?

There are “what” and “if” that haunts us occasionally. Pretty normal right? 

But on the other end of the rope, there is this certain amount of excitement that pushes us to go and to get to know them in real time and real world. And that's what had happened to us  last February 09, 2013 when we finally had our chance of seeing each other in person.

It had been my long time plan and dream meeting bloggers in person. It's important for me to connect to them in reality to bridge the gap that we had in the online world.  

THE MEETING PLACE - Alabang Town Center - POWERBOOKS @ 3:00PM

We have had several discussions and changes as to where and when shall we meet. I initially thought that our original plan of meeting up in Paseo De Sta. Rosa would still be up but things changed when I had to finally decide that the meet-up will be in ATC. The decision comes due to the fact that I don't have a car with me to fetch them up and ATC by far, is the most accessible place for all of us, except for Mecoy whom will be coming from Cavite City. It was pretty nice knowing that all of 'em had agreed easily. And so the meet-up happened in ATC at 3pm.

I normally practiced "the American Time" (sssshh! I hate "Pinoy Time") habit, so I decided to come to the meeting place almost two hours earlier. I arrived at fifteen minutes past one o'clock. I told myself that it's better to be early than late to feel relaxed while waiting for others. Peace Pao! hehehe! - though Pao arrived 10 minutes late? (not sure though) but we ignored the idea of him being late for several minutes since we look forward to seeing him and each one in person. So "being late" was clouded by the excitement we had for each other.

Bino and I arrived first. I was inside the "Philosophy Books' section of POWERBOOKS when I met Bino who came as early as I was. We decided to have a coffee from "Illy" - a mini-coffee shop inside PowerBooks - a first of its own I guess. It's our first time to see a coffee shop inside a book store - only in ATC ( I guess so). Even Bino exclaimed that he never knew there was such place inside a book store. - NOW, we knew! hehehe!

Illy - a mini-coffee shop inside PowerBooks

Me and Bino - the first two to arrive early.
While waiting for Mecoy whom upon calling him told me that he's almost near the area coming from a jeepney ride in Zapote, Bino and I had a chit-chat while sipping our coffee. I did a follow up call and text to Pao - who told me he's also on his way.

After several minutes, Mecoy entered the scene. I saw him when I took a glance at the books labeled under culinary books. He then flashed his timid grin and proceeded to where we're seated. I offered him to choose a coffee which he wanted but politely hesitated at first. The hesitation maybe was due to his natural shyness. I have sensed it - psychic lang ako! hahaha! 

Mecoy wore a glass which reminded me that of Harry Potter. I forgot to tease him that with his glass he resembled like the famed boy of Privet Drive. But in all honesty, wearing a glass suited Mecoy's mild mannered personality. You can even think that he's a nerd guy! LoLs - those whose business is going to the library to read and read.

Then counting more minutes and finally Pao arrived - sporting a white shirt and a blue jean with a sleek sneaker. Of course not to discount too was his  "disarming smile". hahaha! No wonder Senyor is amused of him.  

This time Mecoy completely gave in when I asked Pao to order coffee for both of 'em.  Another camera capture was taken.

So we settled in. We're complete Oh no! We weren't since I am still hoping for Senyor (Christian) to go with us. He didn't promise to show up but he'll try he said in our last twitter convy. I attempted to call him and luckily he told us that he's on his way to ATC too. 

I felt ecstatic though I didn't show it off - because of the thought that Senyor is going to join us. He is the life of the party. I like his personality- a smart and witty person who would always entertain us with his comical jokes. When he speaks there is always a certain amount of wisdom even when his litany is kiddingly done.

THE FOOD - Fish and Co. - Alabang Town Center - 4pm

The four of us decided to look for a place to eat and celebrate our meet-up. We went out of Powerbooks and started hunting for a resto. A quick find led us inside FISH AND CO. 

A pretty and charming food attendant welcomed us inside. I look for a comfy place to dine in and we found a six-seater table just enough to accomodate five of us, including the "soon-to-be-arriving" Senyor.

Few minutes had past when we had our order and Senyor finally live in flesh- lols..dumating na ang "life of the party". The phone camera never failed to deliver in its role. 1 - 2 - 3- CLICK!  --- Tadaaa!

(Clockwise) Bino, Me, Senyor, Pao and Mecoy
And the "kuletan mode" was on courtesy of the ever-funny Senyor. While eating our food, we casually filled in conversation to make our experience funnier and more real. By the way, here are the foods the gorgeous food attendant had served us.

Fresh Salad
Fresh Salad - a combination of crispy crab with violet lettuce and a styled- cucumber with some kind of a bean sprouts layered with a thin sauce - more like a combo of mayonnaise and other sauce. I liked it since it has a sour-bite flavor with its freshness . I forgot the particular name of this appetizer. 

Green Mango Shake 

Green Mango Shake - I have been a lover of this smoothie. Ever since I had it first tasted in Glorietta some 'so years ago' I always look forward to ordering this as my refreshment in a fine dining resto. It has a sweet taste yet there is a sour bite in it that made it a bestseller for me. Others had their own choices. I just didn't had the chance to take photos of 'em.

Seafood Platter
Seafood Platter - Looks like a 'seafood overload" right? Seafoods always make me drool. So when the  food attendant suggested us a platter that can fill five hungry stomachs - this was her immediate offering. And since from the looks of it which is palatable and mout-watering, I quickly nodded to serve it to us. Variety of seafood ranges from fish fillet (obviously from fish), big prawns, buttered mussels, roundly cut squids with fries included. 

Wonder how we ended up our "lamon mode"? See you in my next post. There is more fun in bloggers' meet-ups in the Philippines.

Part 2 coming up!  Stay tuned and keep drooling!


  1. Daddy!!!!! Enuf with the nice words na... They're too heavy... hihihi... I sense the food blogger in you sa post na ito... Very light and smooth ng flow na narration.

    Pinasadahan ko ang mga pix bago basahin aat na-sad kasi konti lang ang pics, after reading, 'yun may part 2 pa pala... Wala pa sa isang guhit ang nangyari... Alam mo 'yan... Mahaba-habang kwento pa...

    It's really fun to meet other bloggers kasi nagkakamukha 'yung mga binabasa nating mga blogs pero mas nakakatuwa na unexpectedly, we get to acquire new friends through these kind of meet ups...

    More more more meet and greet to come! Go!

  2. wow! katuwa naman... nagkita kits kayo..... mukhang enjoy na enjoy ah...

    Nakakatuwa talaga ang makipag meet sa kapwa blogger.... sana ma experience ko din yan...

    sarap ng food....

    Happy Happy Valentines.....

  3. Whoa! Cant get enough of the! hehehe.. kahit allergic ako sa seafood.. go pa din!

    Great looking guys except for Senyor, who stands out to be exceptionally awesome!!!!! hahahaha

    Every now and then, it's really nice to meet up with new people and make new friends. And syempre unite for one good cause.
    Nakakatuwa tlaga ang mga bookstores na may coffeeshop sa loob. Minsan visit nyo din sa Fully-Booked BGC, they have White Hat and Starbucks sa loob. And masarap lang tumambay sa loob. hehehe..

  4. Well, although I am a woman blogger, I enjoy reading men's blog like you.Happy for you all!

  5. very nice po na nag meet up kayo...wish ko din na sana ma meet ko din ung ibang mga bloggers...hang sarap ng prawns....drooling!


  6. it was nice meeting you daddy jay :) see you soon ulit. allergic ako sa seafood btw hehehe. good thing uminom ako ng medicine bago ako umalis ng house.

  7. Different backgrounds, different perspectives but all bloggers. I am a follower of four, and I see and learn many things from all. Must be a long filled day for all five awesome fellows.

  8. Iba talaga kapag nakita mo yung bloggers in person. Mas marami ka pang malalaman sa kanila hindi lang yung nakikita natin online.

    Ang saya ng meet up nyo at ang sasarap ng food. hehe. Bakit yung unang meet up wala kang post. hehe


  9. ramdam na ramdam ko rin yang feelings mo daddy! hahaha well masaya nga knowing them in person kasi tama mas madami ka pang malalaman about them, yong mas bigay todo ang kanilang mga sarili. ang saya noh? namiss ko tuloy sila, sabay ang lungkot ko dahil ndi ako matuloy sa 15 haiizz... =( ndi pala for the boys meet up only kasi andyan si senyor!! hahahaha reynang reyna lang!!!

  10. nice one. nagtatampo kay daddy jay at hindi nag invite. ansarap pa naman ng pagkain. lols.

  11. wow ang saya naman ng pagkikita na ito.
    Sana one of these days makita ko na din kayo :)

  12. fun and food! too bad I haven't gotten the chance to meet with you yet daddy jay and mecoy! :)

  13. ala bitin may part two pa haha anu kaya mangyayari ahahaha
    kunyari di alam
    anyways i had a really good time Jay as in!
    kaya nga sobra lungkot ko di ako makakasama sa 15 oh 16
    saka baka tigil ko na
    pag bablog ko ng tuluyan haist!
    basta salamat sa lahat Jay dame ko busog dame pa saya
    kahit mejo conflict sa side ko looking forward to see you all again

  14. Ang sarap ng mga food... nakakatakam hehe

    Memorable din sa kin yang ATC... my first blogger's meet up ay sa lugar na yan naganap...

  15. Honestly nahiya talaga ako sa fil time ko. But first time ko mag commute papuntang ATC so hindi ko na esstimate masyado ang time (really.:))

    Hahaha thanks daddy jay sa description and ngayon ko nalang ulit nabasa ang "disarming" aside sa mga books! And, really? Para sakin ang disarming na to? hahah! And of course, thank for everything! :) And thanks din sa mga nakasama ko, I had a great time with you guys!

  16. Buti pa sila nameet kia na daddy jay, aq wit pa haha


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