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Saturday, February 16, 2013

NOTES TO SELF: Focus On The Positive, Recognize Your Shortcomings, Examine Your Core Values and Always Forgive

Jay, I want you to realize that you’re a good person, that your intention is pure.

Your heart breathes compassion. Do not allow yourself to be penetrated by instruments of evil that might ruin the good in you.

Do not be discouraged by people telling you, you’re like this and like that because you know yourself better.

There might be some inaccuracies & inconsistencies in some of your actions but it does not mean you’re defined by it. Never allow anyone to define you for who you are not.

You’re a sensitive guy, caring, and passionate with what you do. Allow it to flourish and outwit the attempts of devil to defile you.

If you have done something wrong unintentionally, learn to repent and forgive. It is because in forgiving you’re enlarging your future and increasing your network of influences.

Most of all, try hard to practice humility in words and actions. 

You're a sensible guy and you know your core values.


It is in your most adverse moment that the good in your heart will shine. Take courage to unleash it and defy the odds of negativity looming around you. 

And most of all, when things seem to be too big to handle let go and let God. You can always rest your case to God.

Reminding you,


  1. Whatever you're going through right now, don't let it eat you. Many others have experienced the same but surpassed it and felt just fine. This too shall pass kuya Jay. God bless

  2. And that is my dad! ;) Our dad!

  3. i used to check all shortcomings I did, pero i end up with insecurities kasi diko kayang ituwid at para nababawasan yung self-esteem ko. kasi diko nga kayang maging mabuti. may roomate nga ako nuon, inggit ako sa kanya kasi natural yung pagiging mabait nya. tapos ako pinipilit ko. ang strong kasi ng personality ko. ang hirap pigilin daddy jay. i just realize kelangan din ng guidance ni God. yun yung kulang para yung act of kindness is maging genuine. then it feels good. it comes naturally. hindi na pilit.

  4. My note to self : I do not have one...

    Maganda naman yata 'yung may ganito. Para may guide pero dapat laging dala kasi minsan may ibang pwedeng may sabihin o gawin para panandalian mong makalimutan.

    You are a good person. Period.

  5. There's nothing more i could say about you Jay
    I mean I agree on everything you said here!
    i was kinda bothered tho cause i think something's bothering you
    but still i'm not worrying cause I know you're a good man
    and the connection you establish with our almighty creator was as stiff as rock and with just that i know everything is gonna be fine!

    I adore how you can stay positive during "shortcomings"

    just in case you need someone to talk to tho i'm quite certain that I can't help you i'm just here willing to listen just to somehow makes you feel that you are not alone
    Im just a message away

  6. Theres always a room for mistakes. Minsan akala natin kilala na talaga natin ang mga sarili natin. Pero itong mga tao na nagsasabi kung sino tayo, maaaring sila ang nakakakita ng sarili mo na di mo akalain na ugali mo. Minsan we also need to listen to other people's thoughts and not only to ourselves. Dahil minsan nagiging BULAG tayo sa sarili nating pagkatao. Maaaring nasosobrahan tayo ng pagiging conceited. Ito ay opinyon ko lang naman

  7. Reality check!

    I cant agree more. Mahirap talaga mabuhay sa mundo pero mas mahirap pag puros pride at negativity pa ang pinairal sa buhay.

    I always find myself down and troubled pero hello.. dapat tumayo lang after matumba.. ayoko forever na lang sa putik.. Good day dad.

  8. You can always go back whenever you feel lost, God's never gonna leave us :)


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