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Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm Gonna Love You

     "I'm gonna love you ....I know this time it's right."

     Been thinking of you everyday and every night. 

     Been thankful of you coz you're the only one I know so patient and wise. I'm gonna make you feel like your the only woman in this world. Like you're the only one who truly knows my heart.

     My words aren't enough nor my actions do, but I knew deep down in my thoughts that I need you more than I want you. I need you because I knew I love you. 

     Soon, sooner, and soonest, you'll be my wife. I'm anxious yet excited. My emotion is mixed, it's like it's crumpled and squeezed. But I know, I know far ahead that things between us will work out just fine. Together we will weave the story of our lives. 

     I know, in times and at times, people around us may not agree with the path we'll both walk through but it is us that will be answerable to what may our decisions present us.

     The words can promise lots of beautiful things but the action will seal it solidly. Words can inspire but acting upon what we believed in will not only inspire us but will move us.

     I can't promise you the world coz it's too far to happen. I hope my presence is all and enough for you to bring smile in your beautiful face.

     Only few words I can leave you assured: "let us be true to our commitment throughout our lifetime."

     Lastly, thank you for loving me and for choosing me to be part of your life in this lifetime."
     I was listening to this very beautiful song earlier while am on my 3-hour break and I was just moved which led me to write this sort of love letter to my fiancee. It's so inspiring that my imagination really runs miles and wild. Plus a bonus since it was covered by Boyce Avenue which makes it more interesting. The lead vocal got a very soulful voice. His entire performance truly rocked and knocked me out. Kudos to the band.

     Pardon me, the photos are kind of a bit sensual but I guess it's in good just be inspired and inlove. For young readers, please be guided and behave accordingly &appropriately.

     Godbless, until my next entry.-:))))


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