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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Solitary Moment - Page 3

Today, I want to thank God for sending amazing people in the middle of my fuming anger. 

If only you can see me while I was in total havoc earlier, you wouldn't have believed that I can be turned in to a raging bull. Perhaps, you might be shocked and think "Is that Jay? Can Jay do that?" kind of pressing questions. 

I literally was shouting in anger in the office earlier due to an office mate who I feel cheated and disrespected me. I won't detail-out what really took place but it's completely work related. I know myself and I am a diligent worker - I wouldn't be given a bonus in three folds and praises more than I humbly expect if I am just a lousy kinda guy. And I seldom being provoked to be so pissed with a situation BUT HE JUST DID. I really wanted to instigate a fist fight. Oh God! forgive me!

Good thing it didn't happen or else I might end up sleeping inside a stinky jail for the first time here. Worst is, I might be sent home deported for a very unworthy situation that has an intention to just provoke me into uncontrollable anger. Fist fight isn't allowed, if a police officer sees you in action or if the one you're in troubled with reports to a police --you're a dead man. I mean, it's not allowed here. And the worst thing is if the officer would see your opponent to be bathing in blood --Hell no! you're automatically deported. That's their law and no one can't bend it.

And with that I say ""GOD, thank you for arming me with great fortitude. It's true - me as human can still be susceptible to uncontrollable anger and animosity. Yet, you're showing me countless instruments that touches my inner core and helps me confront a difficult and provoking situation with benevolence & grace. Truly YOU are amazing and I'm forever grateful."

I still err for I am human. So do with my faith - it is still a work in progress. I still am in the middle stage of refinement and will still undergo so many challenges that would try to rust me off. Yet I am willing to face the giants in me. I know the road to holiness is like a tiny hole. But I am banking on your will and armor. I am capitalizing my faith in you.

I will win the battle I'll make sure of that. I won't let you down. I know YOU are there --watching every inch of me and my actions.

Thank you God, for never abandoning me.


  1. I guess you're just too stressed. Try to relax on your free time. Or listen to feel-good songs while working. :)

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  3. @Michy--thanks for the concern, appreciate it much :))


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