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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Solitary Moment - Page 1

I lost track of how many weeks I had been so neglectful of encoding an entry in my blog.

I don't know but those lost times were like my brain was put to freeze. Every time I look at my laptop and try to write, ideas won't come out.

What is happening to me? Is it a writer's block again? Damn! if it is then I want it go and stray away in my brain path. I don't need it. 

I want to write. I want to write. I need to write.

Perhaps, all of us (writers/bloggers) had been into these days. And we are quite familiar to this avenue. Most of us had been crossing its alleys a number of times. I mean days where our attempt to write isn't fruitful and we're just ending up wasting our time and finishing none. It's stupid right? A time where you really crave to write yet your brain don't give you great ideas. Your brain was like in a dormant state that forcing it to be active is really painful.

I am just not that sure how many blogger friends misses my entry but I am quite confident that there are countable few who does. Perhaps, one of the reasons why I was absent in blogging for almost three weeks already was my busy schedule in the office. Yeah, I would say it's the biggest culprit that somehow deviated my attention and took for granted writing a new entry. And it also seconded by my active support in the preparation for the high school grand reunion in our former school. It is grand since 20+ batches are about to take part in it. Quite exciting isn't it?

I know I have a lot to catch up. I failed to read my co-blogger's entries and I feel the guilt. Well, it's not that they really require me to read and comment in it but as a blogger it is an implied responsibility for me to at least be interactive. Afterall, why blog if you're not reaching out to other blogger's entries. More so to those which are in your list of favorite bloggers -- they are there because you love to read and comment in their entries. It's the essence in the online blogging community especially if you've already established online friendship with them.

And by the way, this SOLITARY MOMENT will be a regular entry for me every time I need to breathe-out stress, voice out opinions, rant complains and most importantly, anything that my state of mind has as of that particular moment and I feel the urgent need to write and release it. And if you can notice, I put a page number after the title as a monitoring counter for the future entries I may have.

Imagine, at this unholy hour of past two in the morning I am still wide awake. The reason why is I've forced myself to write this entry. And I'll be sleeping now since I need to wake up by 6:00  o'clock to prepare for work. --ADDICT LANG PO! Ang walang katapusang pagkapal at pag-itim ng eyebug ko ay talaga namang "a sight to behold" hahahaha!

I hope this entry will break the chain of writer's block encapsulating my neuron. 


  1. I always suffer writer's block specially whenever I am depressed....,

  2. Well, I've had writer's block for a month. :) And if I don't blog for a few days, parang naninibago ako.hehe. :)

  3. @Theo-- it is a usual thing for us writers :))

  4. @Michy --Yes, it's like going back to basic, :)need to catch up with your entries..hehe

  5. don't force it. lol. take your time. sooner new ideas will be coming your way, spontaneously.

    but it was good reading your current state lol

  6. I definitely agree with sir totomai. Just relax and let the ideas flow in. No need to rush things.. :)

    As for me, I don't think I've had a writer's block when it comes to writing on my blog since I mainly write food reviews. My biggest challenge is to actually fight off the laziness.. >.<

  7. Just make time ... 10 minutes a day is enough.


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