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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dining Adventure: La Tavola - Italiana Restaurant

I consider eating now as one of my most tempting guilty pleasures in life.

If it's called as such then so be it. After all, who would've resist eating good food. More so, dining inside a fancy restaurant not locally inspired but internationally made.

How did we end-up into La Tavola - Italiana Restaurant?  Lemme tell you, it was a laid-back afternoon yesterday when my wife approached me like this "Are we goin' out? referring to maybe a stroll in a mall or a dine out escapade. I was really having a not-so-good-mood since I'm feeling dizzy for no apparent reason. I was blaming the gloomy lights inside our house giving us a yellowish-inspired surroundings as the cause of my being dizzy. And so I responded unconvincingly "Uhmm Yes? and then suggested to call our CFC family friend (Otadoy family) to go with us. First few attempts weren't successful. My wife gauging that maybe they're having a siesta probably as of the moment they're on a sleeping mode. And yes, she was right after about past an hour when she received a call from Rachel. A short convy took place then my wife prompted me once again if I'm still willing to go out. She's having qualms since I'm in a sleeping mode and perhaps she might be thinking I would just pass on the idea of goin' out. Well, guess what I finally decided to go. So my wife asked me what time shall we go out and I told her around 5:30pm. We mutually agreed and so we waited for the Otadoy's to fetch us up from the house.

They've fetched us a bit late but it's fine since not everyone was in a hurry or at least hungry that time. Floyd drove smoothly heading to Sports Ghornata first since my wife and Rachel (they're office mates in the hospital they're working at) had to canvass prices for trophies needed in their hospital's "Hygiene Division". I'm not certain if it's intended as awards for their sport fest. 

After several minutes of discussion and checking out of prices they ended up not buying even one instead just took photos of the different trophies and intends to present it to their superior. Thereafter, we drove fast to Al Othaim Mall. But before that, Bea was having a bad mood before entering and after going out of the store. She was crying -- just having tantrums maybe.

Approaching the mall, we looked for a parking space for the car. Good thing we quickly found one. We headed inside Al Othaim mall and didn't waste time as we proceeded to La Tavola - Italiana Restaurant. If I'm not mistaken it's location is in the uppermost part of the mall -probably third floor.

My first time to dine in at La Tavola but I'm quite certain that my wife and the Otadoy's family had their first taste here way back. Quite a number of Saudi families were dining inside but there were plenty of available slots since there were many tables around.

A kabayan (that's how we address pinoys abroad) approached us and gave us the menu brochures. I'm glad to see our own kabayan serving their fellow kabayan. And upon looking for different menus we finally decided what to order and here are what we got.

Aqua Panna mineral water
Don't get your eyes be fooled. You might be thinking it's a classy wine but nope it's just a plain mineral water - La Tavola's own from Italy. This was what caught our my attention first. Tasting it was refreshing as it had a sweet after taste. 
Chicken Salad (SAR 24.00)
For starters, we had our first delight - Chicken Salad - a mix of chicken, lettuce, cucumber, fresh tomato, red onion, feta-cheese, olive oil and lemon. All their salad menu are served with fresh house baked bread. 
Fettuccini (SAR 33.00)
I've had several encounter with eating Fettuccini but their serving had my eyes rolled. It's perfectly done and the pasta is "al-dente". Mixture of fresh vegetables, mushroom, shrimps,mixed with fresh curry sauce.
Lasagna Bolognese (SAR 30.00)
Their Lasagna Bolognese was so succulent and mouth watery. It was served freshly hot --a mixture of house made lasagna with fresh ground beef and bechamel sauce.
Mushroom Steak (SAR  55.00)
We also had - Mushroom Steak - a hand-cut tendered fillet, grilled to perfection, topped with mushroom sauce, served with potato wedges and salad.
Wild Salmon (SAR 65.00)
Another menu we had was - Wild Salmon - fresh salmon grilled to perfection, topped with a seasoned pink cream sauce, served with potato wedges and salad.
Kubus or Pita Bread
Kubus or Pita Bread - this was served for free along with the salad order. It was believed to be the bread eaten by Jesus during his time. It's a staple in the Middle Eastern food.
All our orders scattered in one big marble-made table as we joyfully feast on it.
From Left to Right: Bea (daughter of  Floyd and Rachel,
Floyd, Rachel, Me, and my wife Wida
All in all, we had a tummy-full dinner. At first we thought if we can finish them all but it turned out that our cravings left none from the table except for the Lasagna Bolognese which I've had the most share yet it was still almost half its serving. It ended up taking it at home.

As a usual thing, I will provide you with my personal verdict.

  • Food Quality and Preparation    -     4.5/5
  • Food Service and Handling        -     4/5
  • Area Cleanliness                     -     5/5
  • Store Ambiance                       -     4/5
  • Overall Experience                   -     4/5

La Tavola - Italiana Restaurant
3rd Floor
Al Othaim Mall
Al Ahsa, Hofuf, KSA

P.S.  - The lightings affect my shots and so my apology if it's not of great quality. The lightings were quite yellowish.


  1. layo! haha pero mukang masarap ang mga foods! :))

  2. @Anonymous --hahahaha! namit guid iya...hehehe! thanks for dropping by. Hope next time you make comments please drop your name too. :))

  3. @Mich--ang sarap ng lasagna nila, it was cooked just so right. Yong leftover nga kinain ko ng morning. ginawang breakfast..lols.

  4. @Theo--hahaha! masarap nga yong mga food nila. the bad thing is you need to cross country pa before you can dine in here..hehehe

  5. I must say I'm impressed how you reviewed the food. More food blog Dad please.


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