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Monday, June 4, 2012

One of Nature's Perfect Spot - Kayangan Lake

I think I am back!

Have you missed me? I hope so, I sure do missed you too readers and peekers!

I'm really back. 

By the way, this is just a simple entry, just to entice you with photos during my wife's and I adventure last year.

These photos below were taken last December 2011 during our honeymoon island getaway in Coron, Palawan. I fell in love with the place and is thinking of re-visiting it on summer of 2013. Nature has a soft spot in my heart having been raised in a typical country side of Sibuyan island in Romblon. I can well identify to its sensitivity, the tranquil surrounding upon which only nature's sound can be heard and the sweet voices of the many bird species enchanted and serenaded our experience.
The place itself is located in one of the many islands that dot Coron and is reachable from Coron via a short, probably 45 minutes pump-boat ride. Upon reaching the island and an uphill hike and down a hill, you’ll reach a lake that simply takes your breath away.
And please don’t forget to take photos in an area where you can see the sea where you came from. Nature seems to have conveniently placed a large rock to sit and take in the view.

The lake itself is relatively unspoiled. Kudos to the Tagbanua Tribe for continuously protecting the island. Tagbanuas are indigenous inhabitants to whom several hundred thousands of hectares had been awarded as part of their ancestral domain.
A small fee is collected for your visit of the area and this becomes their income for keeping the place clean and available to tourists.

It has been said that there are part of the island which are prohibited for people to honor their tribal rituals and sanctity of the place.

Photos taken using my Nikon D5100 Digital SLR Camera.

NOTE: I just tried to use different font style and it worked. Normally, google's blog offer limited font style. What I did to work it this way is to type it first in MS Word and then copy and paste it my blog. Good thing, it worked.


  1. Wow! I want to go to Coron too! But I just booked for Puerto Princesa. :)

    1. you should next is equally worth the visit.

  2. wow ganda! welcome back sa blogging, sana tuloy2 ka na ult, hehe


    1. plan a visit soon. very nice ng place. thanks

  3. oh my! ang ganda! one of my dream destinations sa pinas! sana makapunta aki soon.., welcome back!

    1. think of your plans now and execute it soon...the place is awesome reason why we want to get back next year. thanks :)


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