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Monday, October 24, 2011

This Christmas

Ang sabi sa kanta ng 2011 ABS-CBN Christmas Special "Ngayong pasko mangniningning ang Pilipino, Saan man sa mundo, tanaw nila ang liwanag mo."

When I saw this video, I quickly miss my family & my country. It has been three long years of not being able to celebrate yuletide season at home. The sad part of being in a foreign land is when Christmas season comes and all you can do is to watch television shows on TFC showcasing the merriment of the season --the least thing you can contain yourself into. Well, Yes, there are side by side discreet celebration (bawal kasi in a place where I'm at) with close friends but it doesn't fill the longing one has for their families back home. 

But nonetheless, though our absence are being missed, the idea that brings joy in me is that my family will be able to celebrate one with enough in our table. At least now, they can pick their choices of food without thinking if the budget would allow it. LoL, funny right? But that's how it was way back then. I mean, we can hardly put foodies of our choice in our table before. 

Coming from a modest family, there were times then that we weren't even thinking of preparing food because what we got from our pocket is not even for the purpose of spending it for celebration but for our daily existence. There is no pain in it I would say since we were raised in modesty with sense of contentment kung ano lang ang meron at nakakayanan ng parents namin. And we don't prod just to get what we want.

Though we have less food in our table, it didn't stopped us from enjoying the season. It didn't even appeared to me that we are less of a people. In fact, it's far more gratifying to me than having different dishes and menus only found in high end restaurants. For me, the essence of being together, feasting to our "small handa" with my family, waking up before midnight to a small noche buena treat and hearing fireworks from the neighborhood, greeting our family members "Maligayang Pasko" as well as our relatives had been so much more to me than any amount of material things. 

As kids, we were taught to be enduring, to be patient, to be contented of what we currently own, and to work hard to achieve what we want in life. The biggest learning experience I got from my parents is this: "Respect others always". And that to me is the most important value until this present day in my life.

And this Christmas, I'll pay homage once again to important people in my life. To people who were part of my shaping up. 

So I ask you, What will be your plans "This Christmas"?


  1. You're a family oriented person & I can sense that you're a good man. Finally after 3 long years makakabalik ka na sa Phils.

    To answer your question, my initial plan for Christmas is to pool money. What for? We'll roam around Manila to give out food sa mga street children.

    For my personal satisfaction naman, nagiipon ako as early as now para makabili ako ng gamit. Saka madaming christmas party na dadating kaya dapat mag ipon :)) andyan pa yung mga christmas bazaars etc.

  2. Yes, I am a family oriented person and every Filipino is I think...

    I was there in 2010 for my vacation but it was summer so I still missed the season which makes it 3 years already.

    I like the idea of you pooling in money for the sake of street children. I do love charity, in fact I'm supporting one child in SILID ARALAN INC. a non-profit organization run by my good friend Arcie Mallari. And I also got one from our native town and it's called "kasimanwako". We're after the literacy of less privilege kids who wants to finish school.

    If given a chance to shift profession, I'd do social work instead. LoL. It's because I love the idea of sharing and helping as I myself have been there. I mean I'm in the class of "common tao" with less in life. Kaya it inspires me more if I see young kids studying hard despite being poor.

  3. Me too Jay....every time I watch/play this video I miss Philippines soo badly!

    Anim na taon ng wala sa Pinas tuwing Pasko.

  4. Me too Jay...every time I watch this video I miss Philippines soo badly! :(

    Six years ng wala sa Pinas tuwing Pasko.


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