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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Worthy Cause - Part 2

     As promised eto yong Part 2 ng WORTHY CAUSE na post ko kanina. Di na ako nakatiis at sinimulan ko agad ang pagsusulat ng part two. Inisip ko lang na baka mawala pa ang mga ideas na maaari kung masabi dito. Ang hirap nun! Mag-iisip uli...di naman kasi ganun kadali ang magsulat.

     Actually, I'm utilizing my three (3) hours break from work since split timing ako sa office. So, aside from updating things for my wedding, I do the usual multi-tasking which I've been practicing for more than a decade. Likas naman sa ating mga pinoy na kung ano ang pwedeng magagawang bagay higit pa sa isa ay gagawin natin. Benefits of it are: saving our time & finishing multiple jobs at the same time. Basta focus lang ang kailangan while doing it.

     Last night, while Satt & I were traveling going the center where the "sorting and packing" will be done, I was thinking about several things. I started contemplating about life. And these are my random thoughts:

1. I AM LUCKY! - I felt blessed to have things ordinary people don't have in life. Well, I don't own expensive gadgets or the likes, but things that are just my needs and a lil bit of a "want" na rin. I am lucky to have a job that pays more than I need.

2. I MUST SHARE! - As someone who's really inclined to charity works, volunteerism, and the likes. I always feel I have to give back. I have to share the blessings regardless how small or big it is.

3. I WON'T COMPLAIN!- Sometimes, complaining is normal, but it becomes an annoying thing if every now and then we complain. I realized that I am really blessed despite little misfortunes which happens from time to time. Blessed because there are countless people somewhere who suffer problems bigger as mountains than I am or have.

4. I WILL ALWAYS HAVE A TIME FOR SOMEONE WHO NEEDS ME - There are certain moments in our lives where we feel so lazy to respond. We tend to ignore things to be done, people to talk to and situation to act upon. I am guilty of it admittedly. So, I realized that I should be more sensitive to the needs of others from me--especially "time". We never know what impact we can create by sharing our time to others. More so, to our love ones. So from now on I will have more time for them.

     You might be wond'rin why there were no photos yet for the relief goods sorting and packing, it's because I don't know how the bluetooth in Satt's laptop works. I've tried but being a not-so-tech-savvy  kind of guy, I find it hard to figure out. So, I'll be posting photos later when I got home from work using my own laptop.

     So watch out for it. I'll update this post later. Meanwhile I have to prepare to go back to work. I only have 30 minutes remaining and lots of office stuffs await me there.

     CIAO Amigos Y Amigas!


  1. Funny .. we post the same way using images at times to convey what we want to say ...

  2. happens kapag walang ready na photo to insert..hahaha..

  3. Nice list. Good luck sa wedding and work hard!


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