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Monday, October 17, 2011

That Night

     And I wrote:

This is that night;
When we had our spirits low
This is that night;
When we thought a friend's dream blows.

This is that night;
We keep thinkin' why and why
This is that night;
Even answers seems so shy.

This is that night;
Our efforts to stay alive
This is that night;
Was overshadowed by doubts and inner cries.

This is that night;
We keep ourselves composed and tact
This is that night;
We can no longer hide the crack.

This that night.
Our biggest fears we come to face
This is that night;
Our prayers did manifest. 

     This is that night when one of our dear friends was on its lowest of lows. We came to a rescue and attempted to paint with words of encouragement his thousand pains. A pain that when he wakes up in the morning a feeling of relief has replaced. All the blur will become clear. All the doubts will suddenly disappear. All the fears will turn to courage.

     This is that night when we're all tongue-tied and mouth shut. But, this is that night also where we all utter our fervent prayers.
Sattie, Archie, ME, Ronnie, Marlon & Jansenn
     One day, we highly hope that things will come as fine to you. If it's God's hard way of refinement for you, then so be it. Humbly accept the challenge. We may not be at your side in your life's greatest battle, but our prayers and well wishes will always be there every time you feel the pain in the process.

     Just keep the faith, never give up. Faith is the manifestation of hope. We are sure you're abundant with that. The community is behind you all the way. Get well soon, T2 Ronnie Bautista.

P.S. - I could have added a video in here but the format of the video isn't compatible and is being rejected by the settings, so this is a video-less entry.


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