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Friday, October 7, 2011

We Always Have A Choice

The Gallant's Heads
     "What has life to offer me when I grow old"? This is the first line of the song Next In Line of After Image (I don't remember which year) that literally hit while I was thinking of the first thing to write about this article. Quite sad isn't it? Well, I won't focus on the tear-jerking thoughts in here, though, maybe along the lines I may hit some emotions. But I'll try to make it as interesting as possible. I wish I could have all the elements in writing to do all these. But heck! I'll try my very best.

      Cliche's would tell us that "life is what we make it". I agree to that. We choose what we want, we choose our decision. Our daily existence is part of how we partake in the banquet of the world. There, we have plenty of choices and WE ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE which one to pick up or out, which one to pursue and which one to make our stand for. In life, we are presented with choices. Choices that sometimes fit or unfit our system. 

       I strongly disagree about the idea that sometimes we are left without a choice. We only say we don't have a choice anymore when what's left with us is a choice that we neither want to be part of. There is this certain negation in us that we keep on denying about the choice laid upon us. At some point, we tend to blame God for giving us a hard one. A choice that literally set us out of our comfort zone.  But we never realized that God gave us that certain choice for our own good, for our growth, for us to be stronger, for us to entertain life that completely deviates to what we expect. In short, God wants us to trek the part that few people wants to stride on. And that is called "risk". And I would say, it's God's risk. Why? It's because God won't allow us with a choice we can't bear, a choice we can't be victorious in the end. A choice maybe so difficult sometimes but it's God's way of refinement of our soul, of our spirit. Initially, we tend to awkwardly react to the choice especially if we aren't expecting them to be like. 

     But, ACCEPTANCE is the key. In a certain crossroad, there is always a choice that will ignite you to move ahead. Our mind might be too clouded with denial which fuels our negation to the choice presented to us, but once you dwell on the bright side of things why a certain choice not our liking was presented, we will be able to appreciate it and will make us accept and propel us to drive along with it.

Satt, Archie, Jay (Me), Ronnie, Marlon & Jansenn
Last night, we had our Upper HH Meeting. As much as I want to elaborate what it was, I choose not to for security reason. Part of our meeting was also a simple "ma'assalamah" for T2 Ronnie Bautista. I intentionally broke the "solemn moments" the party would have been leading to since I don't want to have the atmosphere of emotion-drenching words. Our guy T2 Ronnie is going through a tough trial in his life and we just want him to know that we are with him all the way. So, I really tried my very best to put an effort to make the fellowship light. Even risking of being a bit reprimanded by doing such. I don't want him to feel that his battle is something to be pitied on but I want him to know that God is with him, with us, and trial is set for a reason, for a purpose. He many not understand it now, but there will be wisdom that will open his eyes as he goes through it.

Ronnie, Rob, Jay(Me) & Sattie
     I'll borrow some description which I posted in our group page regarding who is T2 Ronnie in my eyes. And here it goes: 
 "The man from the “House of Donuts”. He’s a down-to-earth and generous guy. As always, his free donuts and bread varieties would always be available whenever there are ongoing CLPs. He is assertive. His enthusiasm to grow more in his spiritual life is evident on how he manages to remain active in the community despite his far location. One remarkable attitude about this guy is when anyone requests from him “some donuts or bread of any variety” he would always be in the luxury of giving us more than what we have asked for. He is selfless. Thanks bro, indeed you are a blessing to the community."
Rob, Jay(Me), Ronnie & Jansenn
Ronnie, Rob, Jay(Me) & Sattie
     That's how I know him. And my other brethren in the community would certainly agree to this. Our send-off gesture may be too simple but it carries the beautiful words of encouragement. It carries our hearts along with T2 Ronnie as he journey back home. 
Sattie, Archie, Jay(Me) & Marlon
     For now, T2 Ronnie will face a new chapter in his life in a very familiar place. And when he wakes up every morning, he will always come across these two choices, it's either he goes back to sleep & dream his dreams or wake up and chase those dreams. 
The Gallant's Heads
   It's quite sad to let you go but it's for a reason that we are in full support of a hard decision presented to you. God will always be with you and we will always be keeping in touch. For now, it's temporary goodbye for you Mr. Donut Man. Have a great and interesting life ahead. And God bless you always. :))



  1. It's true Tito Jay...we all have a choice but sometimes it is us who gives limitations to the choices because we are bound to our life's current situation. In line with this choices that we have....remember that we have our own desitny but we can choose our fate. :)

    Tito Ronnie....i will surely miss tito Ronnie....good luck to your new journey in Life. God bless!

    Tito DonPhero

  2. Im eating donuts right now from the House of Donuts..bigla kong naalala itong blog mo. hehehe! pati si tito Ronnie.

  3. Thanks T2 Don...Yes, we are our own master so we devise our own destiny. The responsibility for finding our Destiny is ours alone. It can never be given to us by anyone else for it doesn't belong to them, it only belongs to us.

    Destiny is something we choose to go after.... Fate is something that happens to us, and seemingly takes away our choices, but in fact actually leads us back towards the choice of Destiny we already made before we were born.

  4. Hmmm..the anonymous guy who's eating at the House of Donuts right now is I guess a guy from Dammam Unit...I'm just not sure who's behind this comment...hehehe...but I have my guess. But before I go wrong, please reveal yourself by replying back in this comment and insert your name after it. Thanks...hehehe


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