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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Of Thrills and Chills

Chilling while being thrilled? Or thrilled while chilling? 

Have you ever got into this feeling? It's kind of a weird one right? When one goes with the other or likewise. Well, I'm not a neophyte on this as I've gotten them several times.

In fact, I got it again tonight. And why is that so? Well, for quite few reasons. Firstly, thrilled for the soon-to-be-meet-up of a relative (his name is Christian Rafol) working as a nurse in London for the first time. We just got connected way back in 2009 through social network Facebook and this is our first time to see each other since we began fooling each other online two years back...hahaha..just kidding. And hopefully exchange few conversation. He's anxious excited while I'm just chillingly thrilled. There is this certain kind of unexplainable thought which confronts both of us especially because we'll be meeting each other for the first time. Well, understandable since we didn't even had a chance to bump into each other our entire life before. The uncertainty that maybe the person is way too different as he is online. I can't call it "meeting a stranger" either since we are consanguineous-related.

What further chilled me up is how we got our flights bound for Manila in the same time and schedule, boarding the same airbus without us even noticing about it. It just a coincidence so to speak. And what crept him up is the weird thought of how did it went that way--speaking of the same flight when we didn't even talked about it. We've arranged our flight bookings separately. He is from London and Dammam is where I am at right now. 

We just learned this fateful thing tonight while we were talking over the phone. He called me up for a different thing and through the course of our long convy, we got into our flight details. And there it goes, it's like the universe connived for us to finally meet. Our brotherly friendship became even closer as we banked on two common grounds. One is that we are relatives and two is that my younger brothers were once his classmates way back and close friends too up until now.

Another follow up thrilling thing is the thought of anticipation for our (Ken and I) entries for the Middle East Conference "Reflection Writing Contest". I was highly waiting for the final announcement of the short-listed entries of KSA contestants tonight as scheduled, but my excitement were engulfed by the news Sis. Jodie of SFC Riyadh broke into me. She told me that we'll still have to wait for another uncertain and a bit agonizing week since the jurors decided to postpone it for another week. She discloses that they need more time for deep discernment and prayers to cast their verdict to all the entries. So far, I'm still crossing my fingers. Just hoping but not highly expecting though as there are numerous brilliant minds in the field that friendly compete against me. 

For me personally, MEC is a big thing here in the Mid East and be given the chance to participate is such an honor more than whatever lucrative thing at stake for it. It gives me the platform to voice out our insights and opinions about a topic assigned to us. Insights that we know will matter to our fellow SFC and the entire community. As opinions reflect of how we have gone far in our lives in the community. How we have embraced the myriad of insightful teachings they taught us.

So, these are what I've had tonight. A mixture of different feelings. Feeling of quiver. Of shiver or shudder. Of thrills and chills.

And like what the lyrics of Coldplay's song: "Every tear drop is a waterfall. And I quote: Every thrills is an awesome chill as every chill resonates thrills.'

It's because tonight is so wonderful. Tonight is of thrills and chills.


  1. You're coming to Manila? Syempre sa hinaba haba ng entry mo dun lang ako nafocus diba? Hahahaha ... so are you?

  2. Yes I am! hahaha! And it's gonna be a super hectic vacation. Wanna know why? hehehe..there's a big event in my life that will happen when I come back. :)))

  3. I can't promise if I can find enough time to at least have a coffee with you and celebrate a budding friendship. I'll just cross the rubicon river if I'm there already. LOL.


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