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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Political Outburst

Generations of partakers in the elective process had grown to be a believer of the promises candidates have been audibly screaming in their platforms during caucus and campaign periods. But are these promises have meet ends?

You POLITICOS are elevating yourself as a public figure thus being a role model follows. But why are the things that you put into laws are the very same things you religiously break?

You keep saying, We'll do this! We'll do that! But I don't think you can fool us anymore. 

You've told us do not fight with others, to work things out, to respect others, to share not to be greedy. Then why you yourselves are doing the things you've told us not to do?

Do not forget why you're running for a public election. Who you're doing this for? - for our next generation's welfare. You are deciding what kind of a country we are growing / living up in.

In speeches, you always say, "You are what you do, not by what you say" Well, what you do make us angry at you. 

You front yourselves by saying you care for us citizens. But I challenge you - MAKE YOUR ACTIONS REFLECT YOUR WORDS.

Vote Wisely! 

Exercise with critical thinking your right of suffrage!

Be proactive and Be in the know!

Good night folks! Just saying!


  1. You know, I've been thinking about putting up the names of those senatorial hopefuls who starred in my blind items (i.e. Sugar Daddy, Ms. Lady Legislator). They are confident to make us look like fools kasi akala nila kaya nilang makatakas sa mga pinaggagawa nila.

    Inisip ko din naman na hindi naman black propaganda ito. I have my sources. I verified them more than twice just in case na makasuhan ako ng libel.

    And they really have to be accountable to us.

    Siguro nasa atin din ang problema. Mabilis tayo kumagat sa mga pangako. The thing is this- THEY ACTUALLY DO WHAT THEY PROMISE. Believe it or not.

    For example, they said they want to provide infrastructure. They actually fulfill that promise. But we never ask them what kind of infrastructure, or in what manner are they going to fulfill such promise. Did anybody asked these questions?

    Again, WE MUST ASK SPECIFIC QUESTIONS. We need to demand concrete answers and not vague promises.

    Mula sa mga press releases nila hanggang sa mga websites and government agencies and institutions, puede na natin ma-monitor sila.

    During the last years of Arroyo, Malacanang posted in their website that the former President will be visiting Rome and Milan as part of her state visit. I am definitely sure na maliban sa staff ng Philippine Embassy at ng Ministry of Foreign Affairs ng Italy, ako ay isa sa mga unang nakaalam tungkol sa state visit na ito.

    And what did she do when she came to Milan? She didn't meet any of the Filipino community leaders dahil HINDI DAW OFFICIAL VISIT YUN. Lintek!

    I wasn't in the position to rally the leaders and send a strong message to the Philippine Embassy para ireklamo ang nangyari.

    Anyway, my point is we have the tools and resources to watch the actions of politicians. Yes we are sick and tired but we don't even make the least effort of being vigilant.

    I still believe in the power of writing letters or even emails to the offices of political leaders. Imagine of a community of 100 people will write to one expressing disappointment, ewan ko lang kung hindi pa mabahala ang kumag na yon.

    Ah! My blood pressure!

  2. Sa panahon talaga ngayon, ang hirap tukuyin kung sino talaga sa mga pulitiko ang totoo sa kanilang mga salita at yung mga nakiki epal lang.

    Vote Wisely mga kababayan!

  3. Totoo, every election nalang ganito. Pero ang tanong, bakit may mga botante na hindi pa rin natututo? tsk. VOTE WISELY.

  4. well the thing is most people complain about the system our government, while they were the ones who elected the unworthies in the first place!
    I guess voting wisely starts with awareness, know who were the people you want to elect, and what good they can cause our country

  5. In fairness to one guy I'm voting, I've seen how effective he was in his province. Ang ganda ng sistema nila dun. I was super impressed that I'll vote for Hagedorn. Oops! Shameless plug.hehe. :P

    Pero seryoso, mga tulad nya yung dapat nating leaders. :)

  6. This is the second time that I'll practice my right to vote.

    Dapat Dad ganito kasi. Let the politician serve the people for three years then after that saka ang botohan.. Hahaha, atleast mapipilitan silang tumulong kasi matagal tagal pa yung voting day.

    Pero sriously., mapili ako sa binoboto. I'm more into the people whoe served already o di naman kaya matagal na din sa pulitika.. Pero think think muna.. last time nga ayaw ko sana i fill up lahat ng choices pero ginawa ko na din kasi first time ko mag "shade the circle nun eh"

  7. tama talaga wisely and make every vote count to those leaders who are worthy of the position...sana maayos ang halalan at sana matapos na kasi ang dumi ng mga bandarita at naka inis na ang mga jingle nila...un lang...;) thanks for the reminder daddy jay..;)


  8. Totoo to. Sana tayong mga botante ay maging mapanuri at maging matalino sa pagboto. :)


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