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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

POETRY 001 : Distance Won't Break Us Apart

It has been said that" a long distance relationship don't work or shall I say most of the time don't work". Well, I beg to disagree, hard as it may seem but it is still upon the agreement of the two opposites sex whether they'll continue or just let it fade away with time. We can never really tell nor we can predict of what's gonna happen. Suffice to say, it still up to the both of them.

"Distance isn't for the fearful, it is for the bold. It is for those willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for the little time with the one they love. It is for those who knows a good thing when they see it even if they don't see it nearly enough. It is for those who believe and continue to believe that distance won't necessarily break each other up."

Here's a poem I wrote last February 15, 2006 just one day after the V-day celebration. It was then when I was still far-away connected with a very special someone from the University of Santo Tomas. It was the time that being together was so damn hard for both of us due to distance and all that connects us is the wired messages and calls/texts. I won't elaborate it further since it was past already. And here's what I've written for her.

It takes a great courage to trust a faraway heart
It conquers a great pride when someone makes a stride
Delusion is of no essence when complete faith is present
Distance might be a factor but we will not be in detour

I may walk halfway around this wide world
Adhere to the luminance of this sharp sword
But what matter most in this wonderful treaty
Is the affection that jive so easy and affably

Two strange person collide in this tech-savvy ride
One agree, the other connive with great and appealing arrive
Every minute, every hour of God's everyday
Is this great longing that we will have each other someday

As I walk towards home I was uttering a song
Every sound that I breathe freshest-out with no regret
Every lyrics that I create has founded me in no irate
For someone so distant has captured my sweet reliance

Starting out will be hard but hanging on will endure
Love is the only word I need you to pour
Patience will surely stretch when affection has its tender respect
Someone so interior has gamble to reach the exterior

I may have disturbed you and your long serenity
Pure intention only to connect my life essentially
You respond by opening door of your delicate trust
With complete diligence and unerring solace

Right now our status quo is of your interior design
What I can do best is to polish it with sleek refine
And exteriorly create a landscape so fragile and divine
That I will tirelessly wait for our history to create

Happiness I found ain't no better that it sound
Grateful of your respect that you never neglect
Unassuming as I am but my heart is so calm
I wanna embrace the assurance that no matter what.....

       distance won't break us apart

Looking back at the experience I would say it was worth it. Though we didn't end up in each other's arms but the love was so passionate and it has taught us great lessons and realizations. That we should seize the moment while it's on fire. We are still friends and ours has gone deeper through time. Though we can't have each other again romantically, the nicest thing that had happened was how greater friendship was bounded by mutual respect.

To the one I am referring to, you were one of the highlights of my life. 

How about you? Are you the type who resort to writing poems when you're in a state of love? 


  1. I used to write poems dedicated to special people but now I don't have that creative energy to write poems. :)

  2. Hey Michy, you can re-inspire that creative side in you. Just always spread the love and the vibe will come back. :))

  3. wow. i love the poem.

    i am now curious about what happened to that love story. ^_^

    and i really have to agree with your title kuya. "distance won't break us apart." agree much! :)

  4. I used to write poems too... but I've lost the passion for it, sadly. I still get to appreciate them, though.

  5. Yeah i do... :)

    Especially when I'm on the height of my emotions...

    Such a nice poem... Reminds me of my juvenile love...

  6. I love the poem you wrote, and really, I think long distance relationships can work if the couple WILL make it work.. :) It will definitely fail though if one of the 2 gives up. Anyway, I used to write poems, but oddly, I think I write better when brokenhearted than when in a joyful, loving state.. XD

  7. distance wont if you both want it to work ... but if only one is decided, patay

  8. @Orange -- Hahaha, the love story has ended gracefully. It has no chance to work because we both respect each other's lives now. hehehe.

  9. Mrs.A - You just have to re-ignite that passion, naging lukewarm lang yan pero nandiyan pa rin yan :))

  10. @Arjee-- Yes, it is best to write poems when you're in a state of love and heart break. Ang sarap lang magdrama eh..hahaha

  11. @Sumi- Yes, pareho tayo, it really fuels me to write poems when I am in a state of hearbreak..siguro lahat naman ata ganun..hehehe

  12. @Kay --tama ka, it takes two to tango, kelangan talaga dalawang puso, dalawang utak ang gumagana at willing to work it out kasi kapag isa na lang it's really difficult.

  13. Para sakin ang pinakamalaking challenge sa magkasintahan ay ang Long Distance Relationship. Naniniwala ako na kapag si Lord ang distance ng mag irog ay magpapatuloy ang kanilang pag mamahalan. Sad hindi nagwork sakin ang LDR :'(

    Nice poem ser. Galing mo pala gumawa ng poem :)


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