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Monday, March 5, 2012

We Got To Rise Up

We got to rise up! We can change this generation

We can be the voice, we can be the freedom. Let us come and stand.

We read the gruesome stories, the people in need. We can do amazing works. We can bring out the change we wanna believe in.

Let us be the change, let us be the difference. We are called to arms. We are the change we longed for. Let us not be subtle with our actions. Let us not be too lax with our resolve.

Let us get moving. Let us propel our instinctive creativity. Let us inspire the people we face everyday. Let us not bicker but create ways to re-unite and re-ignite our passion.

Even though it's a totally tough challenge to move forward, yet we should move forward. There is no way in going back but running ahead. Walking in change and changing the rotten and useless system we have.

We got rise up! We have to because there is no way we can't. Let our purpose be heard and acted upon.

Saying this, I proudly say I still love my country. I still love the uniqueness of my Philippines and I want to embark into great adventures for redemption in social dignity and international misrepresentation.

I am a Filipino and in my blood runs the gallantry. My mind is fueled with hope and faith. And I still have strong faith in my people.


  1. if only there was someone who would really lead us into doing what is good and right, someone who will not fall into the grasp of this so called "corruption"

  2. We can be the change :) And it starts with a conscious effort to always say to yourself everyday "What can I do for my country?"

    It may start with not littering candy wrappers, being a good motorist, help in reporting untoward incidents to authorities, and sometimes even just being a good neighbor :)

  3. @T.R--I still believe a time will come that one leader would step-up and be firm to really eradicate the cancers of society. Let's just pray and hope that it will be soon.

    @Ray--Yes, simple things have great impact. That's why I was inspired by Alexander Lacson's book "12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do To Help Our Country". In my own way, I am doing my part. And it's always nice to be of help.


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