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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Food Review: The Burger Joint

Like what I've said in my previous post, I am not a full blooded fan of hamburger or simply burger. Normally, I can't finish a single order. If only there is this kind of serving like --half cut burger--I would probably has no trouble eating a single dine in or take away one. But last night I did and should since for me it's quite costly to have one burger at BJ - hehehe!

Today, I will share with you my (our) experience in this burger station situated just within the Dammam downtown area -- more specifically aligned with other food and restaurant variants store like the Pizza Co, Tony Romas, Burger King, and others I forgot to name. 

It's not even our first visit since we have had our first try probably a couple of months back with the same group of happy-diners Satt, Jimmy, Ryan and Me. Our frequent trips to any of the restaurants or food chains around is one of the reasons why I gained 10+ pounds.

Well, let us not focus on my weight, I can still run a sprint though or smash a badminton shuttlecock. It's still not a problem to me yet. So here are few items we collectively agreed to eat last night. But before that, we decided first to just have plain mineral water as our meal-enders drink. Hahaha! I don't know if it can be called a meal-ender since water is like a universal solvent that can be partnered with anything. Let's see what we've got.

Photo above is called "BJ Sampler" - a combo of chilli cheese fries, cheese puffs, chicken boneless wings and big onion rings. Along with it are the three kinds of sauces --middle eastern inspired. All I can say is they all have "mayo" as their common denominator. A mixture of sweet & sour, creamy sauces that made us drool. Price (SAR 44.00/serving). This single serving can accommodate at least 4-5 persons.

Next in line is the "Caesar Salad" - fresh crispy Romaine lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing and topped with Parmesan cheese and Croutons. Served with Garlic Bread - and you can opt to add juicy grilled Chicken breast for a total amount of (SAR 27.00). This one is the best-seller for us. All of us being a trying hard- veggie dieters. Single serving can make 4-5 person tummy-full.

This one which Ryan chose to order is called "Smothered Chicken" -- a two piece of grilled  boneless chicken breast topped with sauteed onions, green peppers, mushrooms, and melted mix cheese.Served with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies. Can be shared by two persons at a cost of (SAR 25.00). This order ended to be shared by four of us since it's so mouth-watering and the mashed potatoes mixed with melted cheese just makes us hungrier.

Both Satt and I decided to try this "Mushroom and Swiss Slider" - three patties of fresh and juicy ground beef,sauteed mushrooms, Swiss cheese, lettuce, and cocktail sauce for a cost of (SAR 27.00) per serving.

Jimmy had his "Jazz Delight Slider" - two patties topped with raunch sauce, turkey, lettuce and tomatoes costing (SAR 27.00) per serving.

We rounded-up with dessert but I failed to take photo since I didn't take even a single portion as I am not really a sweet lover. From what I remember we got a cheese cake couple with ice cream topping. Not so sure about it but most likely from what I saw in Ryan's plate it looked as one.

And what makes us comeback for the second time is the fast service offered by the "all Filipino crews". Well, it is evident most of the time that our pinoys were so attentive to their guests/customers. 

Surprisingly, aside from different types of burgers, they also got other foodies and stuff.

1. Food Quality and Preparation   :     5/5 stars
2. Food Service and Handling       :     5/5 stars
3. Area Cleanliness                      :     4/5 stars
4. Store Ambiance                      :      4/5 stars
5. Overall Experience                 :      4/5 stars

The Burgent Joint:
Ad Dammam, KSA
Look for: Richie


  1. Everything looks good! :) But maybe they could use a bigger plate for a better presentation. :)

  2. My stomach could accomodate that BJ sampler. Hindi yan pang 4-5person, pang akin lang! haha. I almost drool on "Jazz Slider" o_o

  3. I'm not a big fan of burgers too, but those look delicious! Have to agree with Michi though, I think they should use a bigger plate for the salad and smothered chicken. Apaw na apaw na sa plate eh! XD

  4. @Michy--hahaha..dapat nga na mas malaki pa sa kasalukuyang ginagamit nila..kaya lang sinadya ata ng mga pinoy to make it full to the extent na overflowing na..hehehe

  5. I know your stomach capacity..hmmm..same with mine.lols...hahaha.

  6. @Sumi -- Yeah, I agree, they could have upgraded the plate pero like what I replied with Michy, sinadya ata ng mga pinoy crews na damihan since mga pinoy kami. Pero malaki na nga talaga yang lalagyan..hehehe

  7. yummy!!!

    where is this located??


  8. @Theo--bro, I don't know if it has a Pinas branch but this one is in K. Saudi Arabia specifically in the city of Dammam :))

  9. ang sarap tingnan... drooling.. hehe

  10. Ikaw na. May verdict ka pa ngayon ha. Ikaw na talaga hahahaha

  11. @Arjee--pare punta ka rito iti=treat kita..hahaha..masarap nga talaga yan. hehehe

  12. @Kay --natawa ako doon ng malakas..siyempre gumagaya lang sa mga veteran bloggers na nagre-review ng food..hahaha katulad nyo nila Sumi and least baka ma-improve ko ang skills ko sa food review..hehehe


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