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Sunday, January 26, 2014

35 Reasons Why This Guy Is Endearingly Likeable

Firstly, I want to say sorry in advance (kumpare) if I bravely reveal your number - I mean the length of time you're existing here on Earth -- up to this moment (without even asking permission from you). It's because my post has something to do with numbers - lols! I just can't hide it haha. Had I became a magician in my past life this could be avoided by doing magic tricks - haha! :)

Okay here we go, 35 reasons - wow that's awesome indeed, right? And equally challenging as I need to dig deep of our friendship.

Admittedly, when I was thinking of this idea I'm kind of hesitant in a way - hesitant because I'm a bit apprehensive If I'd successfully complete the challenge. It seems to me that I put myself in a compromising situation that none has prodded me doing haha!. But I don't want to back down. Giving up is the last thing on my mind. I know I can do it and let's start the ball rollin'.

I've featured him once here in my blog A Man Of Steadfast Faith. That's when I highlighted several inspiring personalities last year. Though, apparently, I haven't finished all the supposedly featured people. I guess I just had a handful of 'em. My draft folder was flooded with unfinished entries last year. In my desire to post them all, it's just that most of the should-be-entries ended up outdated. So I just let go and move on. 

Brace yourself and bear with me, it will be a lengthy post. Who is RANDY TURIANO in my own eyes and in the eyes of others? Let us count the endearing ways why this guy is such a like-able person by anyone. 

1. Kicking off in the list - He's a guy whose smile is so contagious (not because he owns a sparkling white teeth (courtesy of "Close-Up" toothpaste - kidding) but because when he does, it is genuine. 
2. He's the proud owner of that distinct loud voice. 
3. He owns a car that's absolutely for everybody in our community. Well, the reason is that whenever you call him for a favor (using his car) he'd gladly say Yes even if he's too busy. 
4. He likes to eat (a lot) but he too know how to moderate. 
5. In the "handsome department" surely he has something in him to be proud of. 

6. He's a mild mannered personality with a calm resolve. Never did I see him screw up in public. 
7. He is a lover of life - as he freely celebrate life. 
8. Displaying his service to God with a work ethics that is highly commendable. 
9. He passionately love the teaching Bo Sanchez shared and he idolized him the way we do too. 
10. His boisterous laugh is so contagious that you'd want to get even with him by laughing hard too. So funny haha! 

11. Distance is just a factor for him - every time we have community service, he sees to it that all SFC Men under him are being sent off home safe and sound. 
12. He has this special charm with ladies - but he's kind of careful in choosing which one to stole his heart - haha! (picky? lols) 
13. He's 5' 8" with a fair complexion. 
14. He's a good travel buddy - witness to that during our Quirino trip last May 2010. 
15. He's into adventures too - going interesting places. 

16. Attended several International Conferences for SFC - a solid Christian practitioner. 
17. He worship in consummate passion. 
18. He frequently leads our Praise and Worship. 
19. He's bold to say "No" when necessary but that seldom happens, especially when service is at stake. 
20. He's a good cook - wait till you taste his "laing" and you'll say - "Take out please"! 

21. His daily prayers never fail. It's like a combo with his breakfast. 
22. Helping others meet financial hardship in a silent way. 
23. He loved and still misses his dad so much- he's a cry guy every time the convy touches on his father. 
24. He's a family man - always attending the needs of his mother and family members. 
25.He's an animal lover and witness to that are the numerous "persian cats" he adopted in his flat. 

26. He is a man thankful for his waking up everyday. 
27. He's an SFC with a vision seeing more men/women to get out of their comfort zone and make serving others their passion. 
28. Injustice, carelessness, and irresponsibility are the things that can make him mad. 
29. If he has to choose between two persons in a sinking ship: mother or special someone, he'd choose the former because as to him, his mother is the one who has given birth and introduce him to the world. 
30. He believes that a challenging situation should be faced with a peaceful resolve and gentle approach. 

31. He's still open to the idea of entering the seminary and he said at the end of the day, God's calling is what matters to him the most. 
32. He's so passionate in honoring his late father - he'd always share it to us almost all his experiences with his late father when he still is alive. 
33. He is passionate in public service, so he's not closing the idea of entering the public and controversial life of politics. 
34. He most probably working under NGOs if he's not in the Mid East. 
35. And lastly but grandly, I like his idea of life, that according to him "It's a one time privilege that needs to be given more attention. 

Wow, I thought I can't accomplish all the 35 reasons. Though, at some point, I thought my attempt to make some funny reasons are "waley" and not "havey". It was like a struggle I don't want to go back again - haha! But knowing that I'm honoring a peson so dear in our heart and loved by all in the community, it's all worth it. 

To my brother in Christ and kumpare, 

Happy Birthday! 

Thank you for shepherding the SFC men. We thank God He chooses you to belong in our community, more so in the place we're in. This is the least thing I can do to sustain that inspiration and motivate you more to go extra mile in serving Him. Your God's service is so inspiring and we're forever thankful for it. To God be the greatest glory.   


  1. Wow, ang galing mo Daddy Jay :) I enjoyed reading your 35 fun and inspirational facts about Kuya Randy. I was also curious kung anung mga age bracket nyong dalawa ahahaha. And yes, I am correct. Naglalaro nga around the 30's ang mga age nyo hihihi. But age doesn't matter anyways. Numbers misleads us most of the time XD Saka, kung pagmamasdan kayong dalawa ni Kuya Randy, looks like nasa mid to late 20's lang kayo eh.


    I haven't met him personally but I already had the chance to have a lengthy conversations with him through facebook. That was the time nung nagbabakasyon siya sa Bicol last June 2013.

    Lagi ko kasi nila-like yung mga Kape't Pandasal videos na pinopost nya sa wall and then one day nga, ayun siya na mismo ang nag-initiate ng chat namin sa fb. He is really a cool and kind man. I can feel it. He is really sincere through his words. Napakabait na tao nya (like what you said Daddy Jay) Very God fearing too!

  2. 10 reasons nga mahirap na 35 reasons pa kya! Bihira na makakilala ng gnyang tao :) certified good and cool !

  3. Alam mo you're so thoughtful. Ikaw ang taong maraming time para sa maraming tao. Keep it up for we don't know what a blog post can make one person feel. But one thing is sure, it is so humbling..

  4. I thought I'm in a showbiz page seeing that oh so good looking face here ;)

    Then I remember - yes you already featured him before... nakakatakot ang personality ng friend mo Jay - he's near to being "perfect". Mas bagay nga yata sya sa seminary...

    Napansin ko lang parang ang dami naming magkahawig na gawi (except for politics). Di ba tumatakbo rin sya? Buti na lang married na ako = HA HA HA just kidding!

    Happy Birthday pare! (naki-kumpare taaga ako no ha ha ha)


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