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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Five Freezing Reasons Why I Love "Frozen": An Unofficial Movie Review

For decades, Disney seldom disappoints. There might be a few flicks which didn't make that huge cash in - money wise, but still has given movie-goers something to ponder on. 

But just lately, there's this movie that headlined the box-office chart in unprecedented fashion. And people around the globe just plainly fell in love and were enchanted by this current film Disney had come-up.

The fact is, I'm the guy who was quite outdated with movies (forgive me, my current location doesn't allow us a cinematic experience like when I was still in the Philippines). In short, walang commercial cinema here in the Kingdom - and never will it happen - ever! (fret alert). 

And another fact is that I or we (kasi nag date kami ng wife ko that night) could have seen the movie back in November in Pinas had I never insisted to choose "Bekikang" over a few foreign catch including this oh-so-amazing "Frozen". Had I known earlier of its feel-good appeal I could have dragged my wife and froze us both in boisterous laughter this movie brought. 

Anyhow, past is past (wag ng balikan at sisihin ang sarili - haha). Sometimes, we are confronted with few unwise choices. Well, "Bekikang" didn't disappoint as to what we were expecting. Apart from the reason that we wanted to engage ourselves in a good laugh, there were few touching moments "Bekikang" had offered. And we're quite satisfied at that. 

Apparently, only four hours had passed by since I watched "Frozen" in a website that offers "latest flicks". And what delighted me even more is the fact that the movie didn't bother  my 20/20 vision (oh ha!). It's clear - good enough to satisfy my eyes. It's not a blue-ray kind of clear but "it's clear". 

Why is FROZEN so incredibly successful and massively embraced by youngsters and adults alike? Here are my five freezing thoughts. 

This is just for me " To each his own"  - ika nga' as I find this movie worth watching indeed. So here are the things I've noticed.

Freezing Reason No. 1:

The Visual Effects 

"It's quite typical nowadays I know - having this significant part of a movie just makes it more eye-engaging for children. No wonder, adults too had their own share of praises. The eye-popping animated 3-D short that plays before it - that it utilizes 3-D in such a way as to make it new again - coupled with the sight of the crystal-clear magical ice which shapes like a razor-sharp swords. What magical even more is the ice castle built by the enchanted power of Elsa that surely one would want to enter and loosely wander inside if it's in real life. How Elsa's gestures that send snow and ice flying is aesthetically presented in awesome fashion. Perhaps, one would do a repeat just to see this movie again.

Freezing Reason No. 2:

The "Not-So-Typical Villains" 

"Why I said so? Well, for reason that in this movie, there's not really a pure-blooded villain or villains who challenged the protagonist. The confrontation stunts here doesn't make a lasting impact that one could easily erase in his/her memory. In short, very uninteresting. But what's interesting in this movie is that it was structured for a twist - that the supposedly villain is not a villain after all, but a heroine. Her (Queen Elsa) ability to freeze everything around her triggered her monstrous force. Which only happens when she's in consummate fear. While Princess Anna only has to overcome her struggle with the giant Marshmallow type of snow and that scary ice castle. Elsa, is not a villain in its truest sense - she's just a girl having trouble with coming to terms with herself in a lot of ways. Losing control of her emotions and injecting fear inside are a few cynical traits that forces her to uncontrollably unleash ice and freezes anyone or anything that might be caught around."

Freezing Reason No. 3:

The Wise Cracking Sidekicks

Olaf provides additional scene acrobats - his quite irreverent and wisecracking character with a propensity for a mild toilet humor is just awkwardly endearing. Olaf is so adorable and genuinely funny. He's fancy all about experiencing summer - soaking in warm weather, oblivious to the reality that he would melt is wonderfully witty. The actor who played as Olaf brings just the right amount of wide-eyed enthusiasm to the voice of a character who doesn't know anything about the world, but is eager to discover it. 

And the presence of trolls is so gregariously lovely. Distantly apart from its true sense of the word. They projected an image of wise counselors that has been the comforting ally of the King and Queen when they have to ask for help about Anna's condition. I love it when the troll says, "You're lucky it wasn't her heart" (referring to the accidental damage Elsa has caused her sister Anna to freeze). "The heart is not so easily changed, but the head can be persuaded." - he quipped.

Freezing Reason No. 4:

Animated With Real Life Overtones

One of the good reasons why this movie had a very cross-generational appeal. It does not only engage young viewers but is also buy-off attention of the old folks. The tale of this two sister is a typical dynamic to any one who has a sibling. Even in some cases, a very close, older friend. When someone grows up and doesn't want to play with a younger one anymore and you can't even figure out why. But in the movie FROZEN, the idea was taken further by incorporating the magic. The effects of snow and ice makes it more visually enticing. Yet, on a higher note - the story also shows emotional resonance - in a sense that it all relates back to Elsa's despair due to a somewhat curse inflicted when she was born. Though her powers can do great but it also poses a great danger. Her fear and shame symbolically put her in danger when she loses control of emotions. It's can be interpreted as quite vague since its allegory could really be for anything. Elsa fully embraces her role as the Snow Queen, with her show-stopping "Let It Go" number, she shook out her outfit goes from being staid and regal to a flowing, sparkly, revealing party dress with heels. However, its essential is that this is a tale about growing up, of being your own person, and learning to accept who you are and not be ashamed of it. And basically, these are some elements shared by many movies aimed at kids. But heck! Frozen does it just superbly well.

Freezing Reason No. 5:

Sacrificial Love

This is the part where my attention was grandly caught of. Kristoff, who had fallen in love with Anna, took her to fiance Hans when the latter had been struck by a cold shard. Hoping that Hans is the right person who has shown Anna true love - that his expression of true love in a form of a kiss would thaw Anna's chilly soul. Kristoff has to suppress his feelings as a form of respect to Anna who's already engaged. Another thing in the movie is this, Olaf - the ever entertaining and lively snowman lights a fire and volunteered to stay with Anna, helping to keep her warm. And Olaf's words of wisdom is just so heartwarming. He said" Some people are worth melting for". 

In this movie, it depicted that love not only makes everything better, it makes us better. As we're told by the passel of singing trolls "We're told only saying that love, of course, is powerful and strange/ People make bad choices if they're mad, or scared, or stressed/Throw a little love their way and you'll bring out their best/ True love brings out their best!" 

Indeed, these song lyrics spoke it all. Love propels us to do not only better but our best. It triggers us to bring out the best in us when love is overflowing in our hearts. Amidst all this loving, we're also delighted with other lessons like: How we should try to accept and help people who are slightly different from us - even if those differences can be trivially fearsome. How bottling up emotions inside our heart can be  a recipe for chaos and letting those emotions all at once can be very dangerous. And one thing too, it's probably be wise to look at love-at-first-sight with a sense of suspicion. 

All in all, once you've watched the movie, you'll surely get out of the cinema or of your room filled with realization about what love is and acceptance of individual differences. Celebrating those differences can be powerfully liberating. And our diversity as people is also our strength. 

I do highly recommend na panoorin nyo ang pelikulang ito.


  1. Yup. Heard so much about "Frozen" and would watch it when it comes out in dvd. Time to replace my Ice Age 3 movie with a equally interesting Disney cartoon flick.

    Other than the Toy Story trilogy, Ice Age has always been my favorite. I am forced to watch it again and again because of my nieces and nephews who frequently visit my condo almost every weekend (not complaining thou).

    I am almost sure that if I have a copy of this one, it will be one of the most-watched movie in my place until another great one comes along :)

    Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Watch it and see for yourself. I am sure you'll have different insights than me or perhaps similar in some observations. For sure, it's quite a tearjerker movie. And the movie lines are great.

  2. Yes, that was my plan. Made me more interested after your summary about the film:)I heard too that it was filmed in Norway. That excites me too:)

    1. Wow, nice to learn from you mommy Joy that it was filmed from where you are right now. I encourage you to watch it and after watching it I bet you'll do a repeat. Such a nice movie :)

  3. Argh, kainis. Di ko pa napapanood tong Frozen. Nahuhuli na yata ako sa bandwagon. Ang dami ko nang nakikitang magagandang reviews over the internet about this movie. But I believe yours is much better dad :D

    Gustong gusto ko talaga yung mga ganitong computer animated films ng Disney. Pandagdag pa sa flavor at appeal nung movie yung cool musical scoring and theme song nila.

    LSS much nga din sa akin yung theme song nitong Let it Go!!!

    Teka, meron yatang dibidi (pirated version) nito yung sister ko. Mahiram nga XD

    1. You better ask some friends who have a DVD (pirated) lols or watch it online the way I did. It's really a feel good movie with a family oriented theme. Plus a tearjerker kind too. It's just awesome.

  4. Sa office usong uso pa din yung Let It Go tas Do you want to Build A Snowman. hahahah minsan nakakasar na kasi medyo tagal na din yung movie. Tas nag stuck bigla sa isip ko..NAku mas asar Dad.. haha.

    Andaming umiyak sa movie na to.. yung iba teary eyed lang. The best saken yung sinabi ni Olaf na "Worth melting for". hehehe. Akala ko I won't like the movie. Pero Hecules pa din pinaka fave ko na Disney.

    1. Hahahaha! Kanya kanyang trip lang yan Jun. Malay mo, yung mga sobrang nakaka relate sa movie ay mayroon similar experience doon sa character/s ng movie. That's why they can't "Let It Go" that soon haha.

      Do you wanna build a snowman? lols!

  5. Kahit gustong-gusto ko nang basahin ang post mo na ito, pinalampas ko muna siya hanggat di ko pa napapanuod yung movie. Ayoko kasing maguluhan or di maka-relate sa mga idi-discuss mo tungkol sa movie...

    At ngayon nga napanuod ko na ang Frozen! Kaya binasa ko na rin itong review mo. Maganda talaga yung movie! Minsan kasi ayoko manuod ng animated movie kasi baka 'kababawan' lang, pero ang Frozen (pati na rin The Croods) ay kakaiba.

    Totoo na nakaka-amaze yung mga special effects niya, na sumagi nga sa isip ko na sana ganito rin kaganda yung quality ng mga movies natin hehehe.

    Pinakapaborito ko si Olaf! Sa lahat ng linya sa movie, yung sinabi niya na "Some people are worth melting for" ang pinakagusto ko, nakaka-touch yung eksenang yun. Parang ang saya tuloy magkaroon ng friend na mala-Olaf hehehe.

    At syempre na-enjoy ko rin yung mga kanta sa pelikula, pati na rin yung mga spoof versions niya sa youtube, laugh trip lang :)

    1. Good thing you didn't give in to temptation lols! And your appreciation was not spoiled by my review. Yes, the special effects did great in spicing up the movie itself. How I wish we had that kind in Pinas but I don't know when? maybe in the near future or maybe not.

      Olaf's character shone in the movie and the lines he delivered are worth cherishing. The dramatic execution of that line was so perfect - it really touched my core. Some even shed tears.

      Plus yung mga kanta, tailor fit for the movie. Completos recados talaga!

  6. Ayheytsu! Ha ha ha

    I was playing tantrums with hubby the other day because my daughter said they already watched this - without me waaah...

    I'm skipping this post for now. I will just be back when I'm done watching the movie.

    Spoiler! ha ha ha


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