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Thursday, January 23, 2014

And The Game Is On: Australian Open 2014 - RAFAEL NADAL vs. GRIGOR DIMITROV - QFINAL

My heart is thumping so fast as I write this post. I feel like I'm on the edge of a cliff - that at any moment, would fall flat on the ground -- dead. 

And why is that? Why I should feel that way? 

Well, I'm just watching the quarterfinal match of Australian Open 2014 between a powerhouse player and a fighting underdog - RAFAEL "RAFA" NADAL of SPAIN is up against GRIGOR DIMITROV of BULGARIA.  

Apart from my interest in badminton I'm also eyeing this sport. I've been a fan of this sport though I don't play it yet competitively. 

While the first set is still running, the skeptic in me annoyed my concentration and had a bit of doubt if Rafa could easily upstage his rival.
First set ended making RAFA a casualty. The sight of the score board flashing on the screen of our TV sent a gloomy signal on me.
Now comes the second set, my eyes still glued on TV as I religiously watch every player's move. Each one trying to outsmart each other. Employing tactics and techniques to snatch a score from one another.
The playing field get even when RAFA outwitted GRIGOR in the second set. So far, this has been the toughest game for RAFA as he has to endured the skillful underdog in GRIGOR - whose name has been tagged as the "baby Federer". Well, obviously since he has the skill, stamina, and composure the way Federer displayed his own.
The third set has been the turning point of the match by NADAL winning it. There is a slight chance that Dimitrov could still push for a comeback knowing he's facing the world number one player at hand. So, it's quite imperative that GRIGOR must take the lead in the fourth set as he should be.

It simply wasn't. This set showed the difference between the two players. When Nadal highly needed to win a point, he did. The same could not be seen and said for Dimitrov, who appeared too tense up just enough to affect his game. Even at pivotal points, he lacked the aggression and too risk-averse. He's throwing off ridiculous shots that made him looked uneasy. But still, my respect goes out to him. He's just one hell of a good player doing all his best to level up with NADAL's lefty edge. Simply saying, he's too good to be ignore for an opponent. And he's younger huh? An up and coming superstar few year from now.
Not only the did Rafa have to deal with a game challenger, a blister on his left hand was also causing him trouble for the rest of the match yet he has the mental strength to push past it. And his experience and his rank worked on his advantage.

But at the end of the match, even though I rooted for my fave NADAL, my heart goes out to GRIGOR as he shed tears losing this very critical match. Quite understandable for a hungry-for-win underdog. Yet, I salute him for putting up a huge threat to the World No.1. 

Last night, I was quite disappointed when Novak Djokovic - the reigning Australia Open for four years was upstaged by Stanislas Wawrinka in their fourth round battle. 

Later, another exciting match will be giving me more eye bags. Roger Federer will try to outshine the current Wimbley champion Andy Murray. Let's see who's gonna face Rafa in the semis. 

Exciting right?

NEWS TIDBITS: We will be having our second born sometime in June and it's a baby girl this time. I might design a blog contest again for her name.


  1. I feel ancient. The last tennis match I watched was that of Agassi vs Sampras. I must admit thou that whenever I flip channels, and Sharapova playing, it took me some time to change channels :)

    Anyways, thanks for posts like this because it somehow keeps me updated in sports and tennis in particular.

    1. If I were to choose between the two mentioned above, I'll pick Sampras - he's one great tennis player and his attitude is so nice too.

      And who wouldn't be glued on their seat and TV channel if the likes of gorgeous Sharapova plays in the court? lols! She's just awesome. You have to check out other women players too who are equally beautiful with Sharapova too.

  2. Wow, big fan ka rin pala ng Tennis Daddy Jay. Matagal ko nang frustrations na matutong maglaro nyan but never got the chance >_< meron kaming 2 tennis rackets dito sa bahay pero di naman nagagamit lols

    Wala akong masyadong balita aout sa Australian Open. Yung mga sports channel dito eh madalas puro basketball at football ang coverage nila.

    At ang flatscree, lakas maka yaman hihihi :D

    1. I started loving it when I was exposed here in KSA since mas popular ang tennis at football here compared sa b-ball.

      Plus, there are a number of courts here and everyone is free to play as long as you know how to play it. And sayang ang rackets nyo kung di naman nagagamit. hehe

  3. Wow great cover! It seems I watched the match live ha ha ! More more!

    I'm not much of a tennis game lover but I do watch them if I have time. I am fascinated with the ORGASMIC sounds the player utter every time they hit the ball ;)


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