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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Joining The Meme Hype

Recently, the DOT launched its tourism campaign for this year. Everyone's going ga-ga about it to the point of harvesting different reactions nationwide and even the world. While lots are happy there were others whom were so cynical about the idea.

OK, lemme give you my stand! I LIKE the idea very much. I won't give a shit to whoever will criticize it. I am a  positive person and I don't have luxury of time to be in the circle of cynical nincompoops whose business is shower criticisms to ideas that uplift the nation.

Indeed, "It's More Fun In The Philippines"! Like the concept, it gives every Filipino a positive approach on how we should promote our country to the visitors despite some negative image that had been hurting us for ages. Yes, we have our worst realities, who else dont'? Any country has its own weakness, any nation has a rotten garbage of their own. But, on the lighter side of things, we can't focus our attention to those things, instead concentrating on ideas and concepts that will help uplift standards of our nation.

So to give you my own meme just to show my all out support of DOT's campaign. But please take notes, some photos are downloaded from the net.

As a Filipino, it is our duty to think of ways on how we can contribute to our nation. Enough are the endless whining, enough for to much talk. Let's do our part, let us act upon what we believe will bring back the glorious past of our nation.


  1. Good job! Let's support and love the Philippines. Hindi porket maraming bulok e ayaw na rin natin.

  2. @Kay- we, as positive people are trying an approach that is constructively uplifting our nation. We know that there are scalawags out there who will always negate and push the idea down. But to hell with them, they should not thrive in our country and escape away to a land where their impossible dreams may come.


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