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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Business Meeting = (Meeting + Buffet Eating)

As agreed, the meeting was rescheduled at lunch time as against the should be 8pm dinner time. The reason for the change was that by 8pm today I'll be travelling to Al Ahsa to be with my wife and I can't sacrifice that. Good thing my work colleague Abdullah successfully negotiated the said time change.

"By the way, just to orient you with my job, I work in the Purchasing Department of our company. As someone who works as a purchaser, part of my job is to source out, seek out, and search out different manufacturing and trading companies all around the world to look and hunt for the suppliers with the best and most competitive prices of products we are dealing with. Along with the task, occasionally we meet different business people through attending business expositions & exhibits. Moreover, meeting out with them & discussing business opportunities through luncheon or dinner meeting."

Sheraton Hotel - Dammam, KSA

And so we head on to Sheraton Hotel in Dammam by 12:30pm. Mr. Sergiy Danko managed to arrive there from his hotel accommodation through an arranged taxi service. Though, we offered him a ride through Abdullah's car, he humbly declined since the hotel from where he's at is accessible by a mere 5 minutes ride going to Sheraton Hotel.

Abdullah himself arranged the booking at the classy Lebanese Restaurant inside Sheraton. He had a table for four but unfortunately our boss can't be with us due to another important business appointment. So the three of us proceeded with the meeting.

We arrived in the hotel at around 12:45pm. Our office is just a 10mins or less drive from Sheraton. And knowing traffic isn't a problem here, it was a joyride indeed.

The classy Lebanese Resto inside Sheraton Hotel
The said meeting was actually a continuation of the meeting we had in our office the day before. And what took place inside Lebanese Restaurant was like 35% business and 65% on a personal level.

Photo first just right before we had our appetizers

Appetizer's mood

It's a  mixture of various appetizers rolled into one plate

And so with this one, pardon me I don't really know how to describe food

Since the resto offers buffet, we had mixed appetizers into our own plate.

Mr. Sergiy Danko, Me and my work colleague Mr. Abdullah Bubshait

As much I want to finish this entry but I got no time now. I'll be back soon to finish. Right now, I need to catch the bus going to my wife's place in Al Ahsa. The bus leaves at exactly 8pm and it's 7pm now. LoL.

See you later here or tomorrow. Inshallah!


  1. Hi Jay! :) I'd love to see more of what you ate. Nice photos! :)

    1. thanks michy..i'll try to food blog every time we eat outside.

  2. padala na yang food na yan dito :) magnets ha! magnets! haha

    1. try looking for a Lebanese cuisine in Pinas..if you can find one..magnets will flow..hahaha

  3. Lebenese cuisine, yay! I fell in love with it when we moved to the Middle East. Anyhoo, followed you.

    1. Wow, really! Lebanese cuisine is great. So which part of the Mid. East did you moved in? or are you still residing in M.E.?


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