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Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Fantastic Four Women In My Life

A day before the official “Mother’s Day” celebration I was so tempted and jealous seeing friends from Facebook expressing and sharing their words of love and gratitude in creative fashion to their own mothers. 

I was in the brink of expressing my celebratory remarks and way of honoring the four important women and mothers in my life – that if I finish would surely be shared in the social network I own - Twitter, Facebook & Instagram are waiting. 

Good graces – my control worked to my advantage. Before the jealousy overtook me, it deviated my focus to spending our day by going for a family bonding in the mall with my immediate family, together with my mother – who is under my care right now.
This blog entry is spot on - I knew that this day - Mother's Day - is passing in the calendar dates. And I know for sure that I was brewing something in my mind a week ago. Flowers will be a big part in the surprise. Chocolates can also make their day brighter. Yet - for me - that most important part of all these accessories to the very day is the message that one can give. Sending your message across in a tone that is so heartfelt is one thing any material luxury cannot even replace or be traded from. 

The message - it is neither the cherry on top nor icing in the cake - is the core part of conveying what's really inside of you that you wanted to share or reassure them that you care. That they matter, that they are mostly valued. 

Sometimes, a person who isn't a gesture-rich individual or a physically touchy-feely person or mushy at that - can border into misinterpretation that they lack the sweet side. Or worse - they often are victim being labeled inside the box of unaffectionate people. I don't always buy that kind of idea as people have their own and distinct ways of conveyance. 

Ok here we go, these four women and mothers share equally important pedestal in my life - without any one of them - life wouldn't be as challenging and adventurous.  Like what I said in the early part, the words that will be written here is spot on - meaning what I really feel and think as of the moment. 

Headlining the list is my sister 
"A mother of three equally gorgeous niece and nephews. For me, my ate (she's the eldest and the only girl in the family) is one tough woman. She had hurdled so many difficulties in life but still standing strong and dependable. She's a fighter. I like the way she handles her family - prioritizing all the time - the needs of her family. She never demanded anything for her comfort and pleasure. Sacrificing a lot just to raise her three children in the most decent way she know. I am a witness to her life. Maybe, God always gives her bigger challenges because He knows that my ate is head-on for any challenge - fair and square. One reason why part of my strength and that of my brothers comes from her - she may not realized it but she strengthens us. Thank you for being our ate. Thank you for being our shield when things aren't clear for us your brothers. Thank you for your protective instinct. List of thanks could go on but space may run out. Truly, you're really our anchor second to our parents." 

Next will be my one and only mother 
"Fondly called as Aure/Aury. The woman whom God has chosen to bear me as her second child. The woman who took care of me when I was a new born until I began walking and talking. The woman who was my first teacher in every firsts in my life. The woman whose patience is way above the roof of a building extending up to the moon and back. The woman who understood me, understands me, and will continue to understand me despite my mistakes and shortcomings as a child and as a person. She's a superwoman for me. Nay - I know I'm not a perfect son and will never be. But I thank you for the deep understanding and compassion in me when I err towards you. I thank you for always being there when I/we need you. As much as you want to resist for things you don't agree with but you'll always say yes because you're perfectly fulfilling your role as a mother - compassionate and patient. You never demanded from me/us. You always understand situation and won't prod for anything as a favor. Thank you isn't enough because we can never thank you enough. Sorry for things that made you cry even if I don't see you crying most of the times. Sorry for the things I've done wrong. But I love the fact that you're always forgiving. You're always ready to catch us up when we're about to fall. I surely know that you're the first person to rescue us if things go wrong in our life. I thank God for giving you as my mother - I may use all the words but no words can explain how much you've been so giving and forgiving to us. Thank you for being you and we love you for that." 

Of course, this woman and mother is very instrumental in my life because if it's not for her, I wouldn't have met my former girlfriend. She bore her for nine months and I'm so grateful for her being the mother of my wife. 

She is my mother in law
"She's a sweet fine lady and mother who exemplified hard work and passion for life to her children of five. Understanding and supportive are two great words to describe her. I honor her for raising her five children on her own when her husband died many years ago. Truly, when faith is met with determination and action there will always be a dawn for success. And she did just that in amazing fashion. I know I'm not a perfect son-in-law but I hope that as life progresses I could earn her highest respect. Mommy, thank you for accepting me into your family. You are so welcoming even though I'm far from being an ideal son-in-law. I'm thankful that I've been entrusted with a mother-in-law who is someone of high respect. I am proud of you as a mother and as a woman." 

Last but definitely not the least is my ex-girlfriend who happens to be my wife now. 
Posing before the meeting in one of
our services as leader in Singles For Christ - 2009
"The woman who stole my heart (or should I say I stole hers). The woman who agreed to be the mother of our soon to be two children. The woman whose patience is way beyond any person I know. The woman who despite my being not an ideal husband or far from being a perfect father - still chooses to love me for who and what I am . Still chooses to be with me despite the many disappointments she encountered in me.
One of our pictorial shots done in Lake Caliraya
One of our post-nuptial shots in UP-Diliman
Posing with the cave at Kayangan Lake in Coron as our back drop
On board a pump-boat going to CLUB PARADISE in Coron last Dec. 2011
Mine - (that's our term of endearment) - I honor you for the unconditional love you let me feel despite my being so erring and hard headed. Even when you see the worst in me - you're still capable of showing the best of you. You're still the forgiving person who is ready to embrace my flaws and weaknesses as a person. Sorry if sometimes I fail to show you the better part of me. But I know you do not focus on my faults but on what I can positively reciprocate to you. I know I've been such a fool sometimes but what I dearly appreciate and love about your qualities is you're being a FORGIVING PERSON. Hear me when I say this, I'm not a person who builds promises or is full of promises, but as our relationship progresses, allow me to slowly show and express the best of me. The best of me is yet to come. Thank you for the unquestionable and unconditional love. Thank you for the deep understanding. And thank you for allowing yourself to be part of my life and to be so patient in all my wickedness. Thank you for sharing your life to me. I love you more than what you seen and more than what I express. Thank you for being the best mother to Caleb and to our soon to be baby girl." 

And I'm shouting out loud my greetings to all the mothers in the world - to my blogger-friends who are mothers too, to my classmates in HS and college who are now moms too. And to all the mothers out there. This is your day and we take our hats-off in honoring all of you. Without you, life is incomplete and boring. You're truly the beaming light in every home. God bless you all! 



  1. Daddy Jay!!! .... H.A.P.P.Y...M.O.T.H.E.R.S...D.A.Y.!.!.!. kina sister, mother in law, kay nanay mo at syempre sa iyong one and only kabiyak ng iyong puso, Ate Wida ^__^

    1. Salamat Fiel, extend my greetings to your mom as well. God bless

  2. happy mother's day sa wife at sa mommy mo..

    1. Thank you :) Happy Mother's Day din sa iyong mommy :)

  3. Kitang-kita sa iyong sister ang pagiging strong :) Ganyan marahil talaga kapag panganay na babae, matatapang at malalakas ang loob. Naalala ko tuloy ang aking panganay na ate :)

    Happy Mother's Day tita Aure! (close? hahaha). Masyado ako na-touch sa linya na ito - "You never demanded from me/us. You always understand situation and won't prod for anything as a favor." Hay... dakila talaga ang ating mga Ina :)

    At magiging Kuya na pala si Caleb :) God bless you and your family Sir Jay!

    1. Yes! she's on tough woman. Saludo talaga kami sa katatagan niya.
      Happy Mother's Day din sa mommy mo :) I hope nabilhan mo siya ng flower that day hehe
      My parents has always been like that - never sila ang demand sa amin or ask for a bigger favor. Kapag may need lang talaga sila nag a ask.
      Yep, sa 2nd week ng June ang due ng wife ko. :)

  4. Happy mother's day to all;)

    1. Happy Mother's Day din sa yo mommy Joy!

  5. I feel you Jay, my mom is just too far for me to hug and kiss so an expression of undying love in social media and a couple of hours talking on Skype is the next best thing.

    Happy mother's day to the 4 lovely ladies of your life :)

  6. You're a lucky man Jay! to have these four lovely women in your life!

    Well for us mothers everyday is Mother's Day so Happy Mother's Day to us in any day that this comment is posted ha ha!

    Btw, whoever thought the idea of the first pre-nup shot is a genius. Jose Rizal and Josephine Bracken in Lake Caliraya? Awesome!


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