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Saturday, March 16, 2013

We Create The Change, We Inspire The Change, & We Are The Change

"Our existence is not for our own sake. We aren't created to be on our own, we are created to be of person to others." - these are the lines I always go back whenever I am participating in a social endeavor. I always remind myself that I am a person for others. That my existence is inspired by the people around me. And that I should work, continue to work hand in hand with people congruence to my vision and mission for the betterment of my fellow beings - more particularly those who can hardly meet ends, physically challenged, and most importantly those who are on their golden days already.


So, how do we create a change? Change happens normally from simple things to complex ones. As we always say, change is inevitable, it happens and will continue to happen. It's a work of nature and it's how God designed nature - to evolve and constantly bring change.

But what I am talking about here is a change with certainty, with specificity. A change that caters to the improvement of human lives and human conditions.

So how did it started after all? It started with an online conversation. People totally strangers from one another converged through social network and began a dream that none of them quickly realized would happen as fast as it did. 

Pioneered by Mar Verdan of UNPLOG, Gracie of GRACIES NETWORK, Arvin Erick Vicente of CHATEAU DE ARCHIEVINER, and Arline Matulac of THE PINK LINE  - from these group of people with different works and life's backgrounds PINOY BLOGGERS OUTREACH was born.


So, how do we inspire the change? How can we assess that a change has been inspired already? Is it us or the outsiders who can inspire the change we have created? 

The answer is BOTH. Yes, it is both us and the outsiders who can inspire a change that we have created. We can say we have successfully created a change if people from our circle starts signifying interest in it. And when a change is spread from one lip to another, we can stir the awareness of people with parallel desire to us. And that's how we inspire the change we have created.

It is through our collective positive actions that can generate enormous response from ordinary to highly-influential people for them to believe in the cause or change we are aiming for. It is extremely important to foster "self belief" within us - that's where confidence comes in.


We have created the change. We inspired the same to propel it to move forward. Now, can we say that 'WE ARE THE CHANGE?

If anyone from you disagree, perhaps you should deeply examine your heart and ask this question "Am I really a change? And if your heart answers you that in fact you are - then you are a person far from being called insane. 

YES! We are the change. And being that change that we are, therefore we are creating a difference too. Whatever actions we do that purposely intends to make better a human life is a change that we permit. By allowing ourselves to be both an instrument and catalyst of change is tantamount to us being the vessel of change.


With the realization of the first Pinoy Bloggers Outreach program last January 8, 2013 at White Cross in San Juan, Metro Manila, the team designed a fund-raising activity for us to continue our mission which is to help out less privileged people in our community through our being bloggers.

The success of Bazaar For A Cause held in Pasig last February 24, 2013 is a testament of the growing and steadfast desire of everyone of us to seriously make this effort as a lifetime social cause. 



While doing the bazaar, we were able to meet other bloggers and have a two-some photo opportunity with them. Obviously, it's Ms. B of BALUT MANILA  who had the most shots - hahaha! Looks like she became an instant celebrity blogger - hehe! And here are the proof. (My apology for those who don't have their photos here)

Ms. B and Arvin
Josh and Ms. B
Josh and Me
Me and Ms. B
Ms. B and the ever-slim pretty Joanne
Ms. B and Zai- PBO President
Senyor (Christian) and Ms. B
With people dominantly blogger-friends participation, we realized that in our own simple way we can make a difference and be the difference in a society where we thrives. That our existence is now more meaningful as we find purpose in our actions through this noble cause.

Now, we finally have chosen to bring our next outreach program (our 2nd one) to BAHAY NI MARIA in Calamba, Laguna. Bahay ni Maria - is a social foundation dedicated in primarily taking care of the elderly women. But it's not limited to elderly women only as it includes also abandoned and mistreated children.It is run by the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima and is located at St. Joseph Cardinal Village, Brgy. Sampiruhan, Calamba, Laguna.

The said event will be held on March 30, 2013 spearhead by the devoted volunteers of PBO. It is between 2:00PM - 3:30PM.

Each life is equally important, therefore, we should realize that though the people from Bahay ni Maria are on their golden days already they still are part of our society and are significant like anyone of us. 

Together, let us be a contribution to the society where we are part of. A penny or any donation when generously given by thousands of people can surely create an impact into their lives - thereby cementing a solid joy in your hearts as well. We are still accepting donations (either cash or in kind). For cash donations, you may deposit it through our PBO's official bank account as per below details:

Banco De Oro
Branch Address: Cor. Colayco St., Libertad, Pasay City
Account Number: 000060454474
Account Name: Arline Matulac
Swift Code: BNORPHMM

Pinoy Bloggers Outreach will continue to be innovative, pro-active, and socially relevant by sharing help to the less privileged people. Through socially conscious and environmentally friendly initiatives, we will measure the bottom line not by the praises and recognition we earned, but by the number of lives we enthusiastically changed and the positive social impact we make and we shall make ahead of us. 

"There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up."
John Holmes


  1. Sino yang nag-iisang nakablack coat at pose na pose sa group pic? ;)

  2. i so love that we inspire the change and we are the change daddy hahaha social worker na social worker lang ha hahaha ganda! this is it na talaga! this will come a long way i believe with the heart we have from the members of pbo, naman! swak yon! the next level nito eh magreregister na sa SEC para pweding pwedi na tumulong at maglink ang malalaking company sa bansa, kasi kapag mga outreach they always find the SEC registration. naisip ko lang kasi yong street tutorial namin dito sa cagayan de oro, pinaregister talaga sa sec kasi may mga malalaking company na lumalapit kasi gusto silang tumulong at ang unang hanap nila eh ung sec registration na yan.

  3. excited to join the outreach this march!

  4. Wow! 2nd PBO program! Good Job po sa inyo!

  5. Iba po talaga ang feeling ng nakakatulog ano... Pag igihan pa po... May the Lord continually bless all of you <3<3<3

  6. sana makatulong na ako... congrats sa PBO!

  7. excited na rin me! :)

    i always admire your words of wisdom Daddy Jay! ;)

  8. sigurado akong success ang project na to!
    at napaka saya at nakakporud mapasali sa isang grupong kagaya nito!

    anyways naun pa lang naiiyak na ko, dahil napakalaking part sa buhay ko ng lolas at iniisip ko pa lang na kinakausap ko sila at tinatry na pasiyahin nalulungkot na ko

  9. Zion - Si Senyor (Christian) yan ng Kwentong Iskwater hehehe..pose na pose talaga eh noh...hahaha. Project kung project haha

    Lalah - we will get there Lala, slowly but surely :)

    Nutty Thoughts - Bear hugs hehehe! PBO rocks!

    Bino - nainggit na nga ako eh kasi di kami makaka join hehe

    Kuya Keith - sali ka na rin sa amin, anyone is welcome to join, let us join force in this noble cause.

    Genskie- It's fulfilling and gives us so much joy. Thanks :)

    JonDmur- one day, makakatulong ka din. :)

    Anne - ako nainggit kasi di makaka join pero I am happy for all of you who will be joining. Thanks for the compliments.

    Mecoy - will you be joining? I hope so. Thank you for spreading awareness with the cause as well :)

  10. A massive thank you for this post and for spreading PBO's mission and cause. Salamat ng madami sa support Daddy Jay! You're the best! :)

  11. izdiher- Thank you, hopefully you can join us too.

    Zaizai- Thanks for the compliments. :)

  12. Thanks for this post Daddy Jay :)

    Good luck again to all PBOers this coming outreach :)

    Sana someday makasama nadin ako sa mismong outreach :)

  13. grats on your 2nd outreach! :D your banner is posted on my blog to show my support! :D


  14. Archieviner - Welcome...basta PBO go lang ng go :) Excited for the next outreach kahit di makapunta hehe

    Lady_Myx - Thanks much! You are welcome to join the group :)

  15. A very good read to start my day :)
    Thank you Daddy Jay for this.

  16. Proud na proud po ako sa inyong lahat for doing this...:) You all have a wonderful heart!



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