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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Change -- Shall It Be Feared?

Change?  Change! Change?!

Basically when we hear the word change, most often than not, we’re a bit uneasy and somehow bothered.  It is very definable, yet sometimes the thought of it brings us chills and shivers. Even though, we knew that it is the single most constant abstract thing that occurs everyday we are still left in a quandary about it.

I, for one, am one of those people who despite many changes that had gone through in my life it’s like I’m still a neophyte just starting to embrace it. It is as if it’s my first time to encounter it. There is this certain feeling of queasiness in me.

Lately, I had been struggling in my workplace. There were lots of changes in our company – new General Manager, new policies and stuff. Personally, I don’t agree with how our newbie General Manager runs our current system. He is too harsh, stiff, and unkind to lower rank employees. There were times that we had our clash which made me uneasy. How can a newbie just throw some accusation without even asking about how the old system works? He just keeps on pointing finger as if he’s serving the company for ages.

I can’t help but think that maybe he’s plotting something to people that goes against his wishes.  I just have that feeling. I don’t want to be self-righteous or self-serving but I just don’t appreciate his ideas most of the time. Though, at most I’m trying hard to be objective, seeing his ideas in the best interest. But, I just can’t always agree with how he handle things.

Most of the time, what he wants to implement is something that won’t really work in the long run. And when you discuss with him or opposes with him he won’t take suggestions because he just wanted his ideas to surface and win the discussion. What the heck! – he wants to be singled-out even if it means putting others down. How stupid is that? He doesn’t care much about the opinions of other lower rank employees than him.

Obviously, our Sales Manager resigned because of him. And my concern too is I am entertaining the thought of resignation as well. I can’t continue in a work place where your voice doesn’t matter anymore. Where ideas just come from a domineering individual that is so full of himself.

It has been almost two months that I’m weighing things out. I’ve been carefully planning things should I tender my goodbye to our company. I don’t have a definite back-up yet but I’m open to possibilities as well.

And shall I fear it? I think I won’t.  I know if it happens God has better plans for me. And God won’t even put me working with people whose self interest overflows.

Good luck spidey!

Sorry guys, this isn’t really a nice post, just a rant somehow.


  1. Don't worry, it's nice to vent out things like these once in a while. I don't really fear change, but if it's change for the worse like the change in your workplace, then it's something I won't get comfortable with.

    Anyway, whatever you decide, I wish you all the best. God will make sure you're in the right path :)

  2. embrace change. everything / everyone needs an adjustment of sort at the start of new chapter. it will be fine soon.

    don't be afraid. face it.

  3. thing happens according to god's will and with that i know everything will only get better

  4. I hope you'll come up with the right decision. Good luck! ;)

  5. I can relate to this. It's really stressful, but I am sure something positive will come out of this. Cheer up!

  6. good thing you vent it out, at least you have an outlet. take it easy bro! meanwhile, take a deep breath and take a look at this:

    I hope this can make you feel a bit better ;)

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