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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

If It's God's Will, Don't Complain But Fully Obey

Good day guys!

It's been quite a while since my last post. I have been trapped with some highly important matters that's why I wasn't able to post updates. In addition, I feel sorry for my blogger friends that visiting their blog has taken a halt. I will cope-up guys!

I am not sure if all my blog followers/readers know that for the past weeks I was busy administering (together with the rest of the poge admins) FINDING MANG ROLDAN PINEDA JIMENEZ. Aside from that, I too,have been engulfed into lots of personal stuffs. In short, I just attended to important events in my life.

Last night, I was able to read a private message coming from one of the followers of the page and I want to share it with you. Pardon me guys since I can only provide little details to protect the sender. I post it here so that those who don't frequently visit the page can have access here.

And here it goes;

"It’s past 1am here now. Sleep doesn’t visit me yet. For some reason, it’s been few weeks that I hardly hit the sack before midnight. It has always been my problem that whenever I’m still up after midnight it’s difficult for me to reconcile with sleep.

Uggh! It’s killin’ me and I’m a bit in irate. But instead of waiting for my eyes to finally commune with darkness I’ll just grab t
his opportunity to write random thoughts that can inspire you all.

Just few minutes ago, I’ve read a very long private message from someone sent through this page. I won’t mention the name though for privacy. I felt honored that I was able to read it before Joemil. It was really intended for Joemz but since we are five people administering the page, all the messages filtering through can be read by anyone of us. Perhaps, she was thinking that the only admin of the page is Joemil.

I feel for her as she narrated her story. She had gone through so much trials and tribulations in life. At first I don’t get it and posed the question “Why she should suffer such when she holds a good soul in her?” How can people so close to her betray her that way?

Sorry guys, I can't dig deep into details, I can only reveal snippets.

While reading her testimony, I just can’t help but take a halt and think “Life is kind of unfair to her?” With all the good things and intentions she invested to the closest people she had yet they got such nerves to betray her.

But, before I could throw a big question to God, wisdom is revealed to me. That, in life we cannot choose our circumstances. It is part of God’s plan to put our faith into test. It is part of His grand design for us. He let us experience things or situations that we felt we don’t deserve yet happen to us because He wants us to realize something out of it.

Going through adversity when we view it in a positive way can help us realign our lives and make us humble. More trials mean greater chance of refinement.

Whatever circumstances we are in, just make the most out of it, if it’s so hard, we can battle it out with prayers. If it’s so burdensome we can rest our case to God.

All the eventualities that happens in our lives are God's will. Before we complain, let us face it squarely and positively with the hope that great wisdom is behind it. Let us fully obey according to His will.

As an end notes, please remember that there is no guarantees for tomorrow. So appreciate all that you have and do all that you can today." 


-I have some drafts that needed to be polished and finished. Once it's done, I'll post it here. 

Hope you had a nice read. More entries soon.


  1. I totally agree in obeying God's will!


  2. I agree. There are things that come to us unexpectedly. We just have to accept the fact that these stuff are God's will to feel alright.

  3. hope u can also share her story here...

  4. first welcome back jay its been a while
    glad to here that man roldan was found ive seen it on TV
    hmm anyways thats very intriguing wish she can surpass wht ever she's been going through which i sure she can after all trials never meant to break us but to make us better person.people are like diamonds that has to be polished

  5. I think that's we call "life." There are certainly things that we cannot control. But as what the cliche says "Things that can't kill you will make you stronger."


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