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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

God Is Our Assurance

It's been months that I'm experiencing difficult situation at work, Things have changed. The bottom line is "I AM NOT HAPPY ANYMORE." It's down times for me. Sadness is attempting to crash my spirit. I am a bit bothered. But despite of it all. I still want to re assure my wife that things will be fine. That it's still part of God's process of refinement in me. And so I wrote her a love letter assuring her of my love. 

Dear Mine,

Good morning to the woman who have loved me as I am and still loving me despite my imperfections.

I honor you as a woman, a wife, and a daughter to your wonderful parents.

I have been blessed to have you in my life. There are times, I feel sorry because of shortcomings I've committed in our relationship.

There are times where I've bent your patience to the fullest extent but you never failed to amaze me with your grace and love.

I thank God everyday that she gave you to me because He knows no other woman will understand me better than you do. No other woman will love me the way you did.

You are such an amazing person, very family oriented, and your generosity to others is exceptional. I honor you for the closeness you have with your family. A bond worthy of emulating.

We both know we're undergoing some trials in life right now. Suffice to say, we are used to it. There were number of turbulence confronted us in our being together. Some are outside factors, others are trivial misunderstandings between us.

Yet, the very foundation we put into our relationship always fix petty misunderstandings because our relationship is rooted with love and our faith to God.

There will be trials and tribulations that will come our way. Some much bigger than we expect, some will put us in awe but I know holding hands together while facing whatever challenges cross our path, we will victoriously surpass them all. We can always rest our cases to our Father above. 

The love of God that binds us together and the commitment we both promised will stay true in us until eternity. Let us be a lover of life and God. Together, let us raise a family with children who not only fear the Lord but loves Him too.

An expectant first time father in me can't wait until our angel Damien Caleb see the world and be with us.

I love you and I'll remain true to you. 

Your husband,


  1. Try to distract yourself. Watch comedy, read something amusing. Just give yourself a break. :)

  2. this is one great letter bro! I'm sure the missus will appreciate it much.

    as for your current unhappiness, michymichymoo is correct - try to distract yourself but make sure that you know the limits.

    or write more... write anything that is in your head so u can vent it out. u don't need to publish them all...

    hold on tight there bro!

  3. aawwww! that was a true man indeed!! never fail to admit that you have your flaws too. I just so love your letter.. so pure and so true!!

    new follower here!

    you can check mine pag may free time ka!! :)


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