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Friday, February 14, 2014

When Michael Christian Martinez Made History In The Winter Olympics

History has been made!

MICHAEL CHRISTIAN MARTINEZ - the name that has been the talk of the tinseltown - the man of the hour. 

The first Filipino figure skater and the first in South East Asia who have landed a spot in the competitive field of figure skating. 

Goosebumps embraced my entire body. It feels like all my hair went straight up. I stay tuned to my twitter account for more updates and reactions from Filipinos - both back home and abroad.

His praiseworthy and amazing performance made history for the Philippines as he completed his routine with such passion, finesse and grace. Thereafter, finally advances to the free and final skate tomorrow night.
Out of the 29 figure skaters (actually, it should supposed to be 30 but the hometown hero (Russian) pull out from the line up), he ranked 19th. Only the Top 24 skaters will advance to the finals. And his score made his rank good enough to be able to hurdle through the second round - which is the free and final skate which will determine who advances to the medal counts. 

It seemed to me that the nation halted and all eyes are hooked as our country's first figure skating pride in the olympics performed with his Romeo and Juliet's musical accompaniment. He pulled-off a great performance that even the commentators exclaimed "Such a great performance for such a young boy". While another had said - "What a debut for the Philippines".

He even was called as "such a flexible and charismatic performer". And another commentator added-who didn't expect that it'll be that good had said - "That was fantastic! Well done! You can be very proud of yourself! 
The crowd absolutely was delighted by his performance - earning him a deafening scream and long applause. By the way, here's the link of his short program performance Michael Christian Martinez - Short Program

Tomorrow, he will battle it out against the powerhouses entries of Japan - Yuzuru Hanyu - the top qualifier (who happens to be a good friend and his idol) and Canada's - Patrick Chan and all other qualifiers. 

Let's pray that he'll be able to execute the needed elements for his free skate program. He maybe alone representing the Philippines, but I know he has a team mate watching over him. God is his invisible and invincible team mate who will carry him all throughout. 


P.S. - All photos are credited to the real owners.


  1. I am very proud of him too.The youngest and yet one of the best among the contenders. I did not know he made it to the finals. Sana maraming kabataan mainspire sa kanya. He made all Filipinos around the world proud of our nation..

    1. He did qualified for the FP tonight. I guess it will be shown again on TV5 at around 11pm there. Please do watch out as the field is so exciting for lots of competitive skaters.

  2. Replies
    1. Go for the kill! He must deliver a quad tonight to inch closer to the leaders of his event. I hope he can show us one. Nonetheless, we are still proud of him. A Filipino of world class caliber that will stay in the coming years and make us proud.

  3. Grabe, goosebumps din ako sa performance ni Michael kagabi. Ang galing! Umakyat pa ako ng bakod namin para lang ayusin yung antenna ng tv. Hindi kase maganda ang reception ng TV5 dito sa lugar namin. Pero mabuti na lng nakisama yung reception hihihi :D

    Abangan ko ulit ang laban nya mamayang gabi :))

    Good job Michael and Goodluck! The entire Philippines is solidly supporting you.

    1. Nakaka proud talaga, paulit ulit ko talagang pinanonood hahaha.

      And he's becoming a star in Russia because he has so many fans there. Many are anticipating for his appearance in his FP tonight.

  4. yan yung imba sa mga ginawa nya ee, galing talaga napaka flexible na bata!

    1. Such a world class pinoy - pretty sure he'll go for years and will be known for the skating world and bring us great pride and much representation globally. ;)

  5. Bad trip sa trabaho. Hindi ko napanood. Pero ang mga Italian commentators were impressed. I really hope that we can do better in the next winter olympics. Kulang pa sa practise din kasi at sa support. Financial support. Eto na naman ako. Kumukulo ang dugo. I will not comment any further because this comment will end again in another bitter diatribe and death threats against the government.

    Anyway, I wish we could do more to boost his morale and the awareness of the fact that this kid ACTUALLY MADE A GOOD STORY IN OUR HISTORY PAGES after a series of dramatic chapters about crying senators and criminals-turned-venerated-whistle-blowers.

    1. I feel you.

      I believe with all the hype that has been centered on him - that alone will be an awakening to our government and sports bureau to take action on his plight. He is a world class athlete. His continuous and more exposure will eventually pay off in the near future. I can foresee a medal in the 2018 edition of Winter Olympics in South Korea.

      Our prayers will be of big help and spreading awareness through featuring him and even other aspiring and potential athlete are good enough to know that we're making a difference too. :) :)


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