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Sunday, February 9, 2014


We – Filipinos – apart from being labeled as one of the most, if not the most, hospitable people in the world - also possesses a commendable character of innate gratitude. That's how we are as people - immersed in a culture of sensitivity that binds us as people. Our problem is just a smile away - that despite the gravity of brokenness we faced we never forget to flash our genuine and re-assuring smile. A smile of strength and courage.

Showing our heartfelt thanks to the people and countries of the world - who have aided us during our disaster-related downtimes is a testament to that.
I was there - my family was spending our vacation when that horrifying typhoon hit us. We had some restless nights during the time typhoon #YolandaPH was mightily pounding those directly hit provinces - including my hometown of Sibuyan Island in the enchanted yet breath-taking province of Romblon. Our worries heightened when at around 10am of that fateful November 2013, we can no longer contact our parents.
Though, I had told them to prepare the basic and most important precautionary measures, I still had qualms creeping me out. Adding to the agony of no communication was when we learned through the news that the storm signal had reached its maximum level - SIGNAL NO. 4 - the highest that #PAG-ASA had warned. Our prayers were storming heaven too asking God to spare and protect them and all in Sibuyan Island and neighboring provinces. 

By God's grace - after a day of communication shutdown, we finally have heard from them - assuring us that they're all fine. And we all released a breath of relief. God heard and listened to our prayers.

It's no joke being frequently subjected to natural calamities - more so of catastrophic proportion. We may have been used to these kind of disasters but nothing can ever prepare us when a typhoon of humungous strength pummels our country. 

But in spite of it all we stood stronger - we may have lost a lot, but never will our spirit be broken. Our courage only grow braver. We may have been calamity persecuted but we will never be crushed. Our knees may be totally bended but we will always stand again - stand tall and stalwart. 

And to show our sincerest gratitude to the world who never think twice in helping us rebuild our lives, who reached our hands drowned in deluge of problems, we take pride in thanking them for their enormous help. We will always remember you as we move ahead towards our healing. 



P.S. - All photos used in the entry are credited to the real owner.


  1. Very well said Jay. So much has been said about our resiliency as a race but burdens become lighter with the help of other countries. We have seem so many touching stories specially from kids who donate their savings for Yolanda victims and these are just so heart-warming. So, in behalf of million of Filipinos, we thank them earth brothers and sisters.

    1. Thank you Atty., our strength and courage clearly stood out experiencing this massive of a disaster. And stories of hope surfaced everywhere. :)

  2. Viral na yang Philippines says Thank You global campaign ng DOT. ang galing! *applause*

    Sinubok talaga ni Typhoon Yolanda ang katatagan ng mga pinoy nung manalasa siya sa maraming parts ng Visayas. Maraming ari-arian ang nawasak at buhay na nawala. Pero never tinangay ng malakas na hangin at daluyong ng tubig ang katatagan at pagiging resilient nating mga Pinoy.

    Dumagsa rin ang napakaraming tulong from the international community and we Filipinos are very grateful for all the aids they brought for all the typhoon survivors. Hindi naman kakayanin ng ating gobyerno ng mag-isa yan kung walang tulong na manggagaling sa ating mga kaibigan mula sa ibang bansa. With that... A BIGGIE THANK YOU from All the Filipino People!

  3. There's always something good talaga after every rain (as in RAIN at WIND Dad). I know how hard it is to move on after being ravaged by typhoon. I'm from Bikol Region (Albay) so sanay na sanay na kami. I remember how diff province help us back then. Kaya nakaka overwhelm na this time ibat ibang bansa na ang tumulong.

    Side comment. Bat walang nag sabe ng "SALAMAT!" sa video? lels.

    1. At napansin mo talaga yun Jun ha hehehe...oo nga ano, bakit di man lang gumamit ng kahit isang wika natin hahahaha....well, anyway, it's all about thanking the world pa din kaya ok na din hehe.

  4. I had a caller last night, she expressed how she loves filipinoes and in fact she's one of those who helped some of the victims in bohol, she's such a sweetheart and she almost makes me cry during our conversation


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