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Friday, February 7, 2014

Let's Have A "Date" Soon

I know what you're thinking! It's obvious. I have a mental telepathic ability - haha!

Many of you would have guessed or initially thought - that the title speaks of a real date to a person. Am I right or am I right? - haha! 

No - it's not. The "date" that I'm speaking of is a "book date" - and perhaps it won't just end as a one time engagement only but a commitment of lifelong effect.

Yes, I've made up my mind. I really did.

Last night, while I'm about to sleep I had this realization that struck me hard - that made me decide on one thing. I realized that my reading has been in its hiatus mode for months - I mean I read but not as consistent as it was before. 

Reading books is like transporting in time without the need of a time machine to go back in time or travel in the future. . The reader can always imagine how he'd travel using his eyes by turning each leaf of a book and comfortably imagine as if he's into its world.

I have lots of books - unread - that I feel if they can only speak to me they'd probably yell at me by saying: "If you have no time for us, then you better return us in the book store or send us away to someone who'll entertain us". 

What a deafening and confronting thought that was. Sigh!

The thought of coming back to reading was further triggered by one of my SFC community brothers - who had tagged me in a comment in his post regarding how awesomely jaw-dropping "FIFTY SHADES OF GREY" is. He even bragged that he's now in Book 2 of it. We had few exchanges of comments that led him to sending me his copies of it. I'm not a lover of romance and heart issues kind of books - but - they way he conveyed it to me is like I'd miss half of my life if I won't read it. With that too much prodding and conviction, I finally said I'll give it a try.

As a decision, I'll be rarely seen in FB updating my status or sharing some words of wisdom. Yes, I love sharing words of encouragement - those that can uplifts the heart especially of someone under a difficult situation.  But, I feel that my niche is reading and writing - these two will occupy most of my time. Reading as much as I can this 2014 while writing my thoughts in my blog as well. If you'd want to catch up on me, just PM me or hit me up in twitter or visit my blog. Surely, you'll find me there - alive and kicking.

But for now, I decided to take a different route shying me out of over exposure in FB. But there'd be an exception though, I'll still respond to anything in FB that requires my immediate attention. Other than that, yours truly will be soaked in the world that had me fall in love way back when I was a freshman college student.


  1. Awww... bigla naman akong na-guilty. May 2 unread books pa ako dito. Yung inspirational books na pasalubong ni Sir Jonathan when he visited the Philippines for a vacation last January.

    Ayan may dahilan na rin akong maki-pag date.... with my books hehe!

    1. LoLs, so you're ready for a ride this coming VDay hehe. Basahin na yan at i book review after hehehe.

  2. Aaaw tinamaan ako dito :( I'm on reading hiatus din kaya nga I'm not buying books muna because of the reading queue that I always mention on my post...

    1. You're just starting your hiatus, I think you deserve a break too lols! So go ahead, hahahaha


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