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Friday, May 3, 2013

Overtime For God

Early afternoon today, my wife and I together with our cute little boy Damien Caleb including mommy attended a community teaching in our CFC Center we discreetly called “EASTWOOD”. 

Uh! Wait, we’re not in the Philippines  yet haha! We called our CFC Center in Al Ahsa as such to adhere to our security protocol.

Why we have such an abiding attitude when it comes to security? Well, if you’ve been following this blog you may very well know where my current location is. If you’re a newbie here, a back read of few posts will give you a plausible hint.

In fact even our CFC Center in Khobar and Dammam had its own share of aliases. One we call as “ROCKWELL – where SFC activities are mostly held, the other one is “GLORIETTA” – where CFC activities happen. We even have one in Dammam with a name “THE FORT”. Mga famous and posh malls lang ang name ano..hahaha. So now I guess you know why we have to do such name calling of these places of our community activities.

 In a country where freedom of religious expression is taboo and grossly not permitted, you can easily gauge where our security issue comes from. At all times, we must and should strictly adhere to our security protocol whenever we have to conduct a certain activity where religious topic is presented. 

Well, that's just it, we are just temporary settlers in this country and we should respect their cultural restrictions and abide to their laws.

Anyway, (hindi naman yan – wow! nag-tagalog ako haha!) ang topic ko.Unusual kasi almost all my entries were done in English unless I expressly stated that I’ll be using my national tongue – hehe.

Look at the title. I’m not sure what really will be discussed out of that but one thing for sure, you’ll love it after reading. Pretty certain that you’ll have some reflections too after.

Part of what I can remember he said these statements. 

And he quoted: 

"We don't even have to go to China or in other countries, this place Al Ahsa is enough already because this very place needs more leaders and more missionaries to bring back lost brethren to God- referring to one of our community endeavors - sending missionaries to any parts of the world."

"I am so happy na I am an "extra overtime in serving God. Sabi ko wala man akong extra budget financially but God is so happy with the extra time I'm giving Him in serving Him through this community.

That above statements came from Bro. Randy - a man beaming with so much enthusiasm and untiring drive in serving God. He is such a visionary and his moving passion to be of service to God is so infectious that made his flock of members so loved him to the point that some would even tease him saying; "Bro. Randy, sana wag ka munang mag level up from SFC (Singles For Christ)to CFC ha". If I were to receive this comment I'd probably have a wide smile for like minutes to savor these flattering words. Ganyan siya ka influential sa mga nasasakupan niya. He completely knows how to walk his talk. 

Many amongst us choose to do over time work than prioritizing the works for God. I'm not judging anyone as I for one has been culprits of this kind of habit so many times. Of course, we all need additional bucks to support our daily existence and our extra curricular activities. Plus, some companies allow it naman. To make it clear, there's nothing wrong about it.

Fact is, bro. Randy opted to choose to go an extra over time with God rather than his office work is a noble act of selfless service. Unmindful of the perks he may have gotten if he's going to favor his work over God's work is such a moving act of his flaming desire to help others know more about God. 

Realize this: He isn't paid doing God's service while at work he can earn double rendering OTs. God, truly is continuously manifesting in his life and driving him to be a living instrument of His word to people. 

With that I realized, "I won't care that much if I may not be earning that much at work, but I know that prioritizing God's work over my earthly work is like slowly building the foundation of my own company in heaven." 

Thank you for the inspiration you're always showing us bro. Randy

Bro, Randy and all our bros and sis for Christ who do the same level of passion and commitment in serving the Lord - I personally ask the Lord to bless you more. So that you'll be a continuous blessing to others as well.


  1. God bless you guys! sabi pa nga you can be everything in but the important thing is to be a good person:)

  2. ang cute naman nito " Randy opted to choose to go an extra over time with God rather than his office work is a noble act of selfless service"

    for sure madaming Bonus yan kay God. hehehe.

  3. nice naman! i'm sure God is so please by such gathering! at ang nakakatuwa kahit nasa ibang bansa ka na at lalo sa isang bansang di gaano laganap ang catholic church ee nagagawa pa din nung makapag worship!

  4. Ang dami talagang mga kahanga hangang tao na tulad nyo Dad pati na rin si Bro. Randy. Malaking part talaga ng inyong buhay ang pagsi-serve kay Lord kaya naman di kataka taka na siksik, liglig, umaapaw ang mga blessings nyo together with your family. I know ung mga petty issues and problems na na-encounter nyo ngayon ay isang test of faith lang para subukin kung gaano ka katatag sa gitna ng pagsubok.

    Loved this post Daddy Jay. Very inspiring :)

  5. Yes naman, we should first seek the kingdom of God, seek him first and you'll get more than what you need. :)

    Hanga talaga ako sa mga taong napaka passionate in serving God. And opo, hindi nga sila sumusweldo, kahit walang wala na, tuloy pa rin sa pag serve dahil hindi naman sila pinapabayaan ni Lord. :)

  6. Forgive me for being paranoid, pero safe naman ba na binubuking mo dito ang codes nyo?hehe. :P

  7. nice one tito jay.. sayang di ako nka-attend yesterday.. truly tito randy (idol ng sfc) is one great inspiration to all of us.. and also thumbs up to you for your great blogs, sana may talent din ako gaya mo in writing :-).. God bless you mga bro. and sis keep on inspiring us to serve more..

  8. Wow Tito Jay, you’re a great cup of coffee to inspire one’s day. It’s my first time to read your blog and I’m now glued to my chair looking for your other posts. Gusto ko lang mag-add na I’m a witness to how grateful and pleased the community is Tito Randy. He’s somebody you’d like to emulate kaya nga his influence in character, wisdom and speech can be seen among his friends. Sobra pa kasi para ngang magkakamukha na sila e. :) Kudos to your Tito Jay for this blog and to you Tito Randy for living a Jesus-centered life.

  9. Its nice to read post like this.. very moving and very inspirational.

    "He completely knows how to walk his talk. " - This mark my impression to Him as a very very good disciple of God.

  10. iba talaga kapag kasama si God kahit saan tayo mapadpad... maganda talagang dumalo sa mga religious gatherings..... ^_^

    Godbless po!

  11. No doubt about your faith and your great service to the Lord. Since I am also out of the country, may mga instances na kapwa Pinoy ang puwedeng magsumbong just like what michymoo mentioned. Ingat na lang po. God bless! (concerned po lamang)

  12. Aliw ako sa code names nyo for the places :) Always great to find time to thank God and learn more about him :)

  13. whatever we do, do it heartily, as to the Lord. I'm sure God will bless u all. Ingat dyan daddy. God bless u :)

  14. parang nasa pinas lang ang coding nglugar


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