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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Of Movie Night and Life Lessons: Life of Pi

A while ago, I was able to watch the movie "Life of Pi" - if you're thinkin' that maybe I'm outdated already with movies, pardon me, I'm in a country where cinema is not part of their culture. The comfort of having a laptop and a shared downloaded movie from my community friend satisfied my eagerness to see the whole film as it had shared rave reviews and awesome appreciations.

Ngayon lang ulet nagkaroon ng time to write after watching a movie. Inspiring kasi ang movie kaya na-inspire ako ulet magsulat hehe! Palusot? haha!

What struck me most about the movie are these lines;

"Even when God seems to have abandoned me, He was watching. Even when He seems indifferent to my suffering, He was watching. And when I was beyond all hopes of saving, He gave me rest. Then He gave me sign to continue my journey."

This "coming of age" fantasy adventure undeniably brought several thoughts to ponder in me and I'm sure to those who have religiously watched the movie. Let's distill it one by one.


As a polytheist, Pi's beliefs probably wouldn't gel with many of us. However, what was special about him was that he had a strong set of universal morals - an anchor which kept him going come hell and high water.

Having something to believe in is critical in keeping us going during both good times and bad. It helps us to weather the storms of life and provides comfort and guidance when we're afraid or lost. 


When Pi knew that his family was lost with the sinking ship, he wept profusely. However, his grief did not overwhelm him to the point of incapacitation. Instead, he quickly adjusted to the new reality of his circumstances and took whatever measures needed to stay alive.

Having both feet firmly planted on the ground is an important trait to have for all of us. While we should dream big dreams and unleash our imagination, we mustn't also forget the pragmatic realities of our situations.


From the time he was a little kid till the time he became a proud father, Pi's always demonstrated resilience. He overcame being teased and tormented due to his name and could withstand the tumultuous life of a castaway. 

It is important for us to overcome the adversities in our lives by gritting our teeth and bearing it. As the saying goes, tough times do not last, but tough people do.


To keep himself and his feline friend Richard Parker alive, Pi had to invent ways to feed both of them without becoming dinner himself. He created a makeshift raft to keep himself at bay from the tiger in the boat. He also found ways to fish for food when supplies ran dry.

While our circumstances are unlikely to be as life threatening as Pi's, it is always useful to consider Plan B (C or D). In an increasingly unpredictable world, being able to come up with alternative is a key trait to success.


In this film, Pi eventually became "friends" with Richard Parker in a somehow uneasy relationship. From the initial period when the tiger helped to dispatch the ravenous hyena to the latter moments when Pi fed him with fish, one could see that a certain bond was being formed.

The principle of reciprocity is an oft-preached one, but its application is fairly universal. In every negotiation that you do with another party, always consider how it can benefit the other party while not belittling yourself. Doing so would help ensure better outcomes, especially in dicey situations.


Another way of keeping Pi's sanity is through a journal he kept - writing his thoughts. By scribbling his experiences he was able to remain calm despite his adverse circumstances. This routine also kept him busy when the hours went by.

Being able to reflect is a key virtue for all of us. While some of us may keep a diary or a blog, others may want to simply take time off to ponder their encounters. Doing so allows us to analyse our faults, purge our fears, and steel ourselves for the road ahead.


Finally, and perhaps most significantly, Pi was able to bounce back to life. Despite losing his entire family, wealth, and even his carnivorous companion, Pi didn't bury himself in despair. Instead, he got back into the swing of things and managed to live a somewhat happy life in his new homeland.

In the same manner, we should escape from our emotional shackles and not be held back by our failures once we've crossed the hurdle. While we should learn from our mistakes, we mustn't be too caught up with our feelings that we get mired in the quagmire of despair.

I had been so out in the blogging world lately. I didn't even have the luxury of time reading other blogs. Pardon me guys. I hope I can blog hop soon.

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  1. I liked the movie but haven't read the book. I haven't been reading a lot lately. hahaha. :)

  2. i like this movie, it makes you think if it really happened or not. Insurance blog

  3. well, di ko pa napapanuod yan, we prefer kasi ung makakarelate ung
    youngest brother ko, saka want ng mom ko comedy, kaya in short
    un ung reason bakit di ko napanuod to! haha pero dame ko nang narinig na praises about that movie, perhaps one of these days papanuorin ko din yan!
    by the way welcome back pareng jay

  4. Uy, may word na resilience. social work na social work :)

  5. Mas lalo tuloy akong na-curious sa Life of Pi na yan. Hindi ko pa rin siya napapanood eh.

    I was inspired by your movie review Dad ang daming magagandang values ang nais iparating sa atin ng movie na ito. Ang pinaka importanteng lesson jan is yung to keep moving forward. Kahit maraming hadlang, wag mawawalan ng pag-asa. Kapit lang lagi kay Lord :)

    Have a nice day!

    *pinch Baby C's cheeks* XD

  6. Ndi ka nag iisa daddy jay late ko na din napanuod yan .. Galing tlga ng direktor nian at may sense ang movie

  7. The scene where the Richard left him after they reached the land was so emotional, things are really not meant to last for long may it be something good or bad so constant faith is what we need.

  8. Ah napanood ko na to... and dami ngang lessons na pwedeng matutunan sa movie na to. And you have a detailed list of those lessons! Thanks.. some points kasi I missed to recognize, being a technical person, madalas yong technicality ng movie ang napapansin ko... And there's a humor in it also in the movie... life's humor na makakapagpatawa sa tin... for me, this movie has everything... kumpletos rekados.


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