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Sunday, November 25, 2012

About Suzuki Cup, of Blog Contest, Of Vacation, Of FB-ing, and of Recent Pinas Happenings: RANDOM THOUGHTS

Yesterday was a “ME TIME” for me.

Today is a brand new day, brand new hope, and I must say a brand new me? Opps…yeah I guess a start of a brand new me. A modified version of me (parang upgraded lang na laptop or PC hehe) , a filtered one (parang nag unclog lang), a detached being from some worldly guilty pleasures. (Sssh…guilty pleasures? I have that?) Well what I mean by that is “when you slowly detach from things that is not so important, that without one won’t really affect your life, and that not having or maintaining one is actually freeing yourself from the enslaving habit.  

Ok, enough of that! Let us talk ramdom. I got few of 'em in my mind. I'll just provide you my insights and opinions about some topics that interest me.

1. SUZUKI CUP - Perhaps few of you know (or maybe none at all) that I'm a football guy. Hey, don't get me wrong, I mean I'm a football die-hard (not the playing type now since I last had my friendly match in UST when I was first year college pa) Since then I wasn't able to run in a football field nor watch a live soccer game. I only contain myself seeing live coverage in National Sports Grill in Greenbelt if I'm in town.  Just yesterday (Saturday), our very own Azkals suffered a devastating loss against their long standing rival in their kick-off game for the Suzuki Cup of 2012. Our national team is group under Group A together with Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar. This is considered as the "Group of Death" among the eight national teams competing for this year's championship. Will our Azkals survive in their group? That's the haunting question that bothers me but nonetheless I still have faith in them. Who would boost their morale and confidence but us as Filipinos. We should support them all the way because they are carrying our flag and they are our national pride.

SUZUKI CUP - December 2012

AZKALS Players - National Team (PHI)
2. BLOG CONTEST - As of this writing, there is none yet who have submitted their entries and this makes me a little sad....just a little. Maybe my blogger friends are busy as of the moment. Or maybe they tend to forget about it hehehe! I hope before December hits its first day, I'll be able to receive at least five (5) entries already. Or else, none from my prizes (books) will be given. It's quite weird since when I had my first blog contest I got 134 entries. But now, madalang pa sa patak ng ulan, huhuhu! Anyway, I'll still wait, patiently wait. Worst case scenario, if no one will ever submit, it's not my loss, but your loss..hahaha.

3. VACATION - I can't wait for this to happen. But recently, I'm having concern about it since up until now I never had my replacement yet. The General Manager hasn't take concrete step in bringing in my replacement. I don't know what's happening since he didn't even update me. I'm slated to go home by end of January but I'm having qualms about how slow they're facilitating about it.

4. FACEBOOK -ING - It's one of my wishes in my birthday. I really am a Facebook addict. I mean I spend too much time using it. Well not for just anything but for beneficial things. But, this time I want to slowly cut down my time spending in Facebook. I won't be visible in it to concentrate to some highly important things. I told myself I'll just be cautious with PM's and draw back from reading timelines and statuses. I hope I can stand by my promise.

5. RECENT ISSUES IN PINAS - Every morning I used to browse the Yahoo Philippines site to keep myself abreast with the current happenings in our country. And below just caught my attention.
  • President Aquino Won't Quit Smoking?- Honestly, in a scale of 1-10, this news is a total turn-off to me. I mean, the president? won't quit smoking? He should quit (kahit slowly lang). Paano na ang advocacy namin under the non-government organization to help raise awareness to quit smoking? And even the government itself, I guess, has a concrete initiative to lessen, if not eradicate, smoking in Pinas. Though, I'm impressed with his performance in our government, yet I'm depress knowing he's not leading a good example to quit smoking. He should lead by example so that he will have a commanding authority for those who are still under this unhealthy vice.

  • Snakes On A Train? - Wow, this news just edged-me-off my seat. Where in the world is this happening? only in Pinas? I hope so. But why? Why are those zoo keepers (if these snakes escaped from a zoo) or private owners (if these are privately owned) been tricked by their pets and let them loose. Wow, they should heightened their security cages to avoid incidents like this. I frequently hear news of snakes escaping or roaming anywhere around the metro. And it's scary for kids huh! Please take good care of these snakes ok!

  • New Pinoy Cardinal Named - This is a feel-good news for me. At least Archbishop Tagle was named as one of the newest cardinals. Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle received the red three-cornered biretta hat as he was elevated to Cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI during a consistory inside St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican. He is one among the six newest cardinals being raised to that status. Congratulations!

  • PH Bets in Mr.World - 2nd Placer (1st Runner - Up) & PH Bet in Miss Earth wins as Miss Earth -Air (equivalent to 1st Runner-up) - We pinoys are fonds of beauty pageants, we really support our representatives to the point that most of the time, they win in an online voting assuring them of a slot in the semi-finals. This year, we have two bets who delivered well. Mr. Andrew Wolf - of PH Volcanoes Rugby Team was handpicked by Cory Quirino to represent our country in Mr. World 2012 in Kent, England and he almost win. Congratz for the 2nd place finish. And our very own PH bet to Miss Earth Stephany Stefanowitz also bagged the Miss Earth - Air title. Few weeks back, I saw in TV Patrol that of Kevin Balot (did I spell it right) - a Filipino transgender who won the Miss International Queen 2012 in Thailand and a model named June Macasaet was declared Mr. Manhunt International 2012 winner, was also held in Thailand. I guess it's our year for beauty pageants..hahaha..sino nga ba yong representative natin sa Ms. Universe? Janine ata name..ang tanong will she make it? sana naman. Ipag-pray natin yan. Good luck sa kanya.

So far these are the thoughts that forces an entry into my neuron today. I can't think of other interesting things to blog about today. I hope a better and exciting one will comes out tomorrow.

Have a nice read everyone!


  1. well i am so glad to know that you're now okay jay but though im still wondering about that "secret thing" you said on your recent post,

    about that entry yeah im quite busy i actually came from an event haha i'll check on that again

    well smoking was a really hard to stop even for a president

    im happy for the new cardinal may he serve catholic and god with all his heart

    its my first time hearing that snake on plane news if it was true that would even worsen the philippine airlines credibility

    filipinos are one of the most gorgeous people so there's no doubt on that achievements

  2. Mecoy - hahaha! what's your email address so that I can tell you what it is. Para di ka na mag alala. Salamat sa pag aalala nga pala. I just don't want to spoil it kaya secret nalang muna. Pero since you're a bit bothered, I will tell you about it, just give me your email address.

    By the way, it's all about "snakes on a train" not in're mixed with the movie haha..

  3. 1. Yes I'm a BIG Football fan
    I'm married to "it" actually ;)
    2. I'm still on with the contest but as u know my current scenario... but I'm on it. In fact I already started with the social media. Followed u!
    3. Yosi kadiri! salute to your campaign!
    4. No snake talks to me pls. can't even look at the pic. But LOL to MEcoy's confusion ha ha ha Peace MEcoy!
    5. I'm ok with the new Cardinal & happy with the pageant winners.

    busy pa ako nyan ha! LOL

  4. We do have the same routine to keep me updated with the local news I browse yahoo phil coz most of time: work then grab more sleep!

  5. Re: your blog contest. Almost forgot about it. Quite busy eh.hehe. :) No worries about facebook, I'm into twitter naman lately.hehe.

  6. 1. I'm not a fan of football :) Di yata ako sporty
    2. Wait mo lang ang aking bday msg :)
    3. Pagnagkataon sabay pala tayo magbabakasyon. EB ba
    4. Goodluck sayo
    5. Dito ko lang nalaman yung snakes on train na yan, congrats andrew wolf, good luck janine tugonon. :)

  7. Ay wala po ako alam sa football, hehe!

    Pano po pala ako makasali sa blog contest? Di ko alam title nun post, di ko makita sa archive ee..

    Nasobrahan ako sa kakabakasyon ngayon taon, ubos vl ko, hihi! Sana matuloy yang bakasyon mo!

    May times na addict din ako sa fb, may times na super bored ako, haha! Add mo ko, dyuk!(copyright kay Arvin)

    Yun pagkapanalo ni Andrew sa fb ko lang nalaman.. San yang snakes on a train?

  8. @Balut - 1.Welcome to the club as football fan.
    2. Take your time sa pagsali sa blog contest ko. Dec. 6 naman last day.
    3. Good thing you support the anti-smoking campaign. Kudos
    4. May fear ka pala sa crawling animals?
    5. Another pride of our country and more reason to smile

  9. Michy - take your time lang Michy, basta before it hits Dec. 6 dapat may naisubmit ka na hehehe. thanks

  10. Arvs:
    1. Naku, wala kang ka sport-sport? Kahit isa man lang...sus, plan ko pa naman na magbonding tayo sa badminton court, player ako nun. Turuan kita hehehe..
    2. Natanggap ko na ang entry mo...salamat..under deliberation na siya..hehehe
    3. Pag pray natin na talagang sabay ang uwi natin sa Pinas
    4. Sa LRT or MRT ata natin yun nakita ang mga snakes as per yahoo news.
    5. Good luck to me talaga
    6. Good luck sa pambato natin sa Miss U.

  11. Joanne:

    1. Pampapawis din kung may sport ka hehehe..dalagang pilipina ka pala talaga hehehe.
    2. Nasa archive ng November ang blog contest ko, scroll down mo nalang. Leave you a chat message.
    3. Nagsawa ka pala sa bakasyon kaya naubos ang leave mo hehehe
    4. Learning to detach slowly sa FB
    5. Sure, i-a-add kita ano FB mo..hehehe
    6. Pride natin ang mga ganong panalo. Ang snakes sa LRT or MRT ata nakita as per yahoo news.

  12. Sunny Toast- eto lang kasi ang nakakapagbigay sa atin ng updates sa mga current happenings sa bansa natin. OFW ka rin ba? thanks


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