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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tough Day

     Yesterday was so tough. I felt I was baffled.

     It was lack of sleep which consumed me to really be in a struggling state. My body was like weak—five senses were not working in excellent condition. It’s as if my blood isn’t running at a normal speed. My energy is like in a dormant state.

     I had been having concern sleeping way so late especially if the clock ticks past 12 midnight. Bingo! I promise you guys, it’ll be a horror getting sleep during that time. Ang hirap ko ng makatulog. Parang nakainom ako ng substance which rendered me to stay awake for like hours. Even to the point where I even reached 4am wide awake.

     In the office, what makes the situation worse was part of me struggles to stay awake while in the middle of calling clients and interacting with my work colleagues. Funny as it was, I need to be smart enough not to forget important errands that day. Plus my boss was constantly ringing my phone to hear some updates from the suppliers I was tasked to contact.

     So far I still managed to finish urgent errands and was able to deliver on my required task. Buti nalang sanay na ako sa “multi-tasking” way of working.

     That’s all folks. No other significant topics to write about. Just having the “me” time. It’s all about me ika nga..hehehe…
     Until my next blog. Keep posted.


  1. congrats! we have tough times pero fight pa rin!

  2. I am learning not to stress so much when I have a tough day. We need to chill.


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