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Saturday, February 5, 2011


      Today, I'll be profiling a person so close to my heart. Wonder who is it? Well, just direct your eyes down and you'll know who.....

     His obedience is awesome and his way of facing life's challenges is fantastic. His name is John Howard Rafol Gamitin, a young man, a passionate lover of martial arts, a guitar player and an ace freshman student in a state university. And he is my eldest nephew to wit;

In taekwondo battle form

His defensive style

Ready to hit someone's face

John Howard with cousins Wonna and Jonavene
      I've written about him because I was just strucked by the conversation we had awhile ago. He's really keeping up to my fair expectations. Nakakatuwa lang isipin na habang nagiging buo ang kamalayan niya sa mundong ginagalawan niya ay masasalamin din ang mga kanais nais na pagbabago na ipinamamalas niya. I felt so grateful that he's learning to appreciate the values we took years of inculcating inside his young mind. He has grown to be a young lad with lots of promising ideals and visions in his life. His sensitivity within the surrounding he interacts allow him to learn more of the much needed insights and values a young man must equip to fairly and reasonably tackles life's challenges and upsets.

with good friend and neighbor April

strking a shy-type pose....hehehe!

     I had been so hopeful that he may grow wise and more mature his age. And bingo! he is turning into one. I have never knew or seen someone close to me speak the way Howard speaks his mind. He may be young both in heart, mind and physical stature but how he talks about his set of experiences in life puts me in amazement. How he tackles every situation is far more than my expactations.

In a sleek and sassy form

during his graduation

      It is such a joy to realize how his personality evolved from someone who is naive and relatively shy to a young man whose strength and determination as well as idealism in pursuing his passions lie in the core of his immediate family. How he meticulously listen to every words of wisdom we share and how he took by heart advices he solicits from us.

with me and cousin Jay Ann
      Kaming lahat ng kapamilya mo ay lubos ang kagalakan na makita kang nagsusumikap sa iyong piniling landas na tatahakin. Kami ay lagi lamang nasa iyong likod at makikitawa sa bawat tagumpay na iyong makakamtan at manaka nakang tutulo ang aming mga luha kung may kabiguan ka mang pagdadanasan, bagamat ang aming laging habilin lamang sa iyo kung mangyari man ang gayon ay tanging mga salitang mamumutawi sa aming mga labi ay: sa bawat kabiguan ay isang hagdan tungo sa iyong minimithing pangarap, sa tuwing maiisip mong iwanan ang hamon mo sa buhay, isipin mo ang mahabang landas na iyo nang tinahak upang makapag-isip kang ituloy ito at umuwing may ngiting tagumpay.

     We are so proud of you--young and willful man! Whatever accolades you are reaping are all worth for you. I have just one thing I want you to inculcate in mind and always carry with you wherever your dreams may lead you. It goes like this: Dream your dreams, do your best, never doubt, never rest, until the dream is yours. And lastly, always dedicate your plans and success to our great God above all else. And highly value your family.

     Until my next blog. Pardon me, but I guess I'll be concentrating more on human interest stories. So, on this note, I'll be featuring ordinary yet equally exciting personalities from my circle of influences. Godbless and have a nice read.......


  1. yes:) i really admired him a lot ! as a good inspiration ! whenever i saw him in our school playing instruments it really made me love music a lot more because of his talents he showed me that you can balance both your studies and your love for music the same time


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